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3/6/2019 4:07:25 PM

World Vision provides positive parenting train for staff and partners

From February 27 to March 1, World Vision organized a workshop on Positive Parenting for staff and partners from 6 Area Programmes (Minh Long, Son Tay, Ham Thuan Bac, Dak R'Lap, Binh Chanh, and District 4.


At the training course. Photo: World Vision Vietnam.

In the rapidly changing social context, when parents and children are under more pressure, there is less time for each other. As a consequence, children receive more significant influence from external factors than from their parents. It has become increasingly difficult for parents to teach and communicate with children. Disciplinary measures involving physical (whipping, hitting, etc) and verbal punishments (scolding, criticizing, etc) cannot help children make progress. Instead, they put children in a state of depression, lack of confidence, hurt, and stubbornness. These approaches also damage the relationship between parents and children.

"Positive parenting" is a method introduced by World Vision to provide skills and knowledge on positive discipline to help parents educate and communicate with their children effectively.

With similar workshops, World Vision aims to support instructors in the community in organizing training and group activities, thus best-conveying knowledge and skills to parents and caregivers to educate and discipline children in the most positive and way, thereby heal the parents and children relationship without harming the children.

*In the first two months of 2019, World Vision has collaborated with the Yen Bai Center for Social Work and Social Protection to conduct mentoring and capacity building activities for regular visitors, instructors, and coordinators in household visits.

Specifically, in addition to improving knowledge and skills during the process of visiting households, officials and members of the Child Protection Committees at district and commune level are also thoroughly instructed and mentored to provide better support to vulnerable children, especially through approving intervention plans for 130 children.


This is one of the periodic activities within the framework of World Vision's project on Ending Violence against Children, aiming to ensure the effectiveness of child protection in the community./.

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