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9/6/2019 10:13:38 AM

Woman gives birth to triplets in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta

A woman from Vietnam’s Mekong Delta has successfully given birth to her triplets, considered a very rare case with a probability of one in 8,000.

The triplets are being treated at the An Giang Provincial Maternity and Children Hospital in Vietnam. Photo: Buu Dau/Tuoi tre

The mother, 22-year-old Nguyen Thi Ngoc Nhi, was admitted to the An Giang Province Maternity and Children Hospital on Sunday, Dr. Tran Quang Tien, director of the infirmary, confirmed on Wednesday afternoon.

Nhi was 34 weeks and five days pregnant and was suffering from hypertension and respiratory failure when she arrived at the facility.

As she was showing signs of pre-eclampsia and threatened preterm labor, doctors decided to give her medicine to control her blood pressure and support her breathing, before performing a caesarean section.

Following the operation, the triplet boys weighed only 2.1 kilograms, 1.9 kilograms, and 1.6 kilograms.


The babies are put on a warming mattress. Photo: Buu Dau / Tuoi Tre

Doctors then put the newborns on a warming mattress to regulate their body temperature, before preparing them for Kangaroo care.

As of Wednesday, the health condition of the mother has stabilized, while the babies have been able to be breastfed.

The triplets are now receiving treatment for jaundice due to their preterm birth and are expected to be cured soon.

After being discharged, the babies will be scheduled for regular health checks until they are two years old, so that doctors can see whether they suffer from any congenital disorders.

According to Dr. Hien, giving birth to a triplet has a one-in-8,000 chance.

“Multiple pregnancies are often associated with such complications as preterm births, placental abnormalities, intrauterine growth restriction, and especially pre-eclampsia, which can threaten the lives of both the mother and babies,” the doctor stated.

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