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3/10/2019 3:40:53 PM

Wi-fi to be installed in North-South trains

In 2019, Wi-fi service will be available in all North-South route trains, says the Vietnam Railway.

According to Chairman of the Board of members of VNR, the company has been discussing with domestic operators on executing the plans and will select the service provider via bidding. He also said that the railway sector does not expect 100% coverage of Wifi, since the signals might be affected by topographical factors, when the train travels underground or on a high mountain slope. 


Illustration photo: VNE

However, VNR is planning to tackle this issue in the time to come, by working with partners with advanced technology.

Wi-Fi coverage will improve the quality of customer service, helping VNR promptly inform passengers in case of unexpected incidents, so they can take timely and proper responding action.

In addition, VNR also said that the company is planning to shift the priority of development, from serving more customers to serving with better quality, as well as investing more in transportation capacity building.

By 2020, the railway industry will replace obsolete, small-sized locomotives and wagons with the new ones, worths approximately VND 4,700 billion, in order to improve operation efficiency and increase the competitiveness of railway transport, in comparision with other means of transports./.

  ( Translated by P.Y )
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