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10/31/2017 4:19:23 PM

What do Asian people expect from Trump’s visit?

People in Asia hope President Trump brings good things during his trip to the region.

President Donald Trump (photo: Reuters)

In November, US President Donald Trump will make his first Asia tour since taking office. People in Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam and the Philippines expressed their welcome for the White House bosses, Reuters reported on October 31.

Trump's tour starts in Japan on Nov. 5. Tokyo residents expect the visit will be an opportunity for leaders of the two countries to cool down the tension on the Korean peninsula. "I want Mr. Abe and Mr Trump to talk about peacekeeping, trying to stop the war," Hirotaka Shibata said.

In the past few months, North Korea has launched missiles twice over Japan and tested nuclear for the sixth time. Pyongyang also threatened to "plunge" Japan into the sea and reaffirmed its determination to balance military power with the United States by developing a comprehensive nuclear arsenal.

Tokyo resident Fumihiko Nakamura said that the current situation is "difficult" and that if there is a war, Japan, a neighboring country, will bear heavy consequences.

"We (ordinary people) do not necessarily know all the details, but I want President Trump to talk candidly with the Japanese Prime Minister and show what he thinks (about the Korean situation), so that We feel assured that the situation is being resolved. "

Meanwhile, South Korea, where Mr Trump visited on November 7, predicted the visit could lead to North Korea launching missiles or nuclear tests. Jeong Hee-jung, 35, hopes Trump will refrain from provocative comments on Pyongyang in Seoul.

"There will be no war because of Trump, but there may be more missile launches or nuclear tests, like what we saw. When Mr. Trump arrived, I hoped he would not take action or provocative commentary on Korea, "Jeong said.

However, Shin Eu-sup, 63, said that in the current emergency, when South Korea is under the threat of nuclear weapons, it must "fight agaisnt nuclear weapons with nuclear weapons."

"This does not mean that our government must act more forcefully. I welcome Trump's visit, as South Korea and the United States may become closer, so that our country could confront nuclear with nuclear in this current situation.’’

For the Chinese people, the US President's visit starting November 8 is a chance for the White House boss to take a fresh look at China. "I think he will see the country, the Chinese people today. Trump  thinks he can revive America's greatness, but in the future, China may be even bigger than the United States." Min, a 32-year-old teacher said.

US President will visit Vietnam from November 10-11, attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation forum in Da Nang and officially visiting Hanoi.

"I think he is a very powerful man," said Vu Thi Hong Hanh, 18, a medical student in Hanoi.

"I like his character because he dares to speak his mind," said photographer Doan Duc Long.

Philippines will be the last stop of the US President in two days November 12-13.

According to the people of Manila, President Rodrigo Duterte appreciates President Trump but tends to favor China. "He likes China more," fisherman Benhur Balasbas said.

Trump's visit is the longest trip of the US president to Asia in 25 years

US President Donald Trump is scheduled to leave Washington, beginning his Asia visit on Nov. 3 and ending on Nov. 14. This is the longest trip to Asia that a US president has conducted over the past 25 years.

Last time, US President George H.W. Bush traveled to four Asian countries, (Australia, Singapore, South Korea and Japan), between December 31, 1991 and January 1, 1992, according to

"President Trump's Asia visit will strengthen US commitment to its longstanding alliance and partnership, reaffirming America's leadership role in promoting the free and open space in the Indian Ocean - Pacific region, "the White House official said.

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