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5/14/2018 10:36:12 PM

Vietnam's youngest becomes Exco member of Global Young Academy

(VNF) – Vietnam's youngest associate professor Tran Xuan Bach, who is working for the Hanoi Medical University has recently become the second member representing his country in the Global Young Academy (GYA), following Dr.Tran Quang Huy (National Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology) who joined GYA in 2017.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, đang ngồi và kính mắt

Dr. Tran Xuan Bach (source: Bach Tran's Facebook)

By winning the biggest number of votes among candidates from developing countries, Bach has made a remarkable achievement in the election and finally become one of GYA's Executive Committee (ExCo) members for tenure 2018-2019 after four strict voting rounds.

This also marks the first time Vietnam has a representative in GYA Exco team.

The Global Young Academy is an international society of young scientists, aiming to be the "voice for young scientists" and encourages international, intergenerational, and interdisciplinary collaboration and dialogue.

It has working groups on science education, science and society, early career development, and interdisciplinary issues.

Being officially founded in 2010, nowadays GYA has around 400 members, who are the most brilliant young scientists from 77 countries and territories, together with thousands of scientists who are members of prestigious academies from 48 countries.

The typical age of members is approximately 35 years old. Memberships are offered based on scientific excellence, after a process of nominations from senior scientists, national societies, and self-nominations, together with peer review by members and senior scientists./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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