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1/10/2018 9:18:52 AM

Vietnam’s water lily, salt fields among the best drone photographs from 2017

(VNF) - Dronestagram, the photo sharing community dedicated to drone photography, has unveiled its top 20 drone photos published on the website during 2017 which two shots were taken in Vietnam.

Receiving thousands of shots daily, this site allows everyone to share their images and see the best works of other like-minded people.

The beauty of drone photography is that it allows us to see something that is very unusual to the human eye – it explores different angles and perspectives from great heights. Every year the community of Dronestagram holds a competition of the best drone pictures from the last year, and they have just announced the breathtaking top 20 of 2017 last week.

Kefolonia Melissani Cave

This bird’s-eye view was taken on the Greek island of Kefalonia. (Credits: Calin Stan)

Water Lily

A woman harvests water lilies in a pond in the Mekong Delta in Vietnam. (Credits: Helios 1412)

Concrete Jungle

An overhead shot of Dubai’s skyscrapers. (Credits: Bachirm)

Dawn on Mercury Tower

The drone is nearly invisible in this shot that was taken in Moscow, Russia. (Credits: Alex Goncharov)

Salt Fields

The Vietnamese fields were divided, while the salt were gathered into mounds. (Credits: Helios1412)

Portuguese Surfer

The Portuguese surfer in this photo paddled out through the cold temperature. (Credits: Jcourtial)

Rising Waters

This house in Vermont stayed clear of the rising water level. (Credits: JustenSoule)


Thai gardeners picking marigolds, which is a plant from the sunflower family. (Credits: Seksan Sowarod)

Stairway to Heaven

Here’s a drone shot of a long staircase leading to the Algarve Beach, Portugal. (Credits: Jcourtial)

Quad Bikes in the Dunes

This drone shot captured the sand dunes and shadows in Namibia, Africa. (Credits: LukeMaximoBell)

Stingray and Girls

This shot was taken on the French Polynesian island of Maupiti, which is a ring-shaped coral reef with a volcanic island. (Credits: Tahitiflyshoot)

Motorbike Bridge Over River in Thailand

This bird’s-eye view of two scooters crossing was taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand. (Credits: Tominspires)

Cruising the Route 66

This drone shot captured a couple in a classic Ford Mustang driving on the world-famous Route 66. (Credits: Raf Willems)

The Majestic Beast Nanuk

Here’s a picture of a polar bear in Canada called Nanuk in Inuktitut. The bear was crossing between two sea ice pieces that were melting. (Credits: Florian Ledoux)

Girls at the Beach, Rio De Janeiro

Here’s a DJI FC300X shot of a lady enjoying her time on a beach in Brazil. (Credits: Marihenud)

Swimming with a Whale

The swimmer in Peninsula Veldes, Argentina, experienced a connection with the whale and the calf on its back. (Credits: DroneFilmsProject)

Tropical Island Beach, Dominican Republic

This bird’s-eye view was captured with a DJI FC 6310. (Credits: ValentinValkov)


The hippos bathed in the Serengeti National Park of Tanzania, Africa. (Credits: Yannick68)

Cracked Mud Boating

This edited photo shows a family on a boat in Burke Lake, Washington. (Credits: MiloAllerton)

Sveti Stefan Hotel

Here’s a bird’s-eye view of Sveti Stefan Hotel in the Balkan country of Montenegro. (Credits: Smakadron)

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