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8/6/2018 5:09:29 PM

Vietnam’s cartoon “Monta Monkey in the bizarre Galaxy” officially released

VinTaTa Animation Studio (under Vingroup) just launched its first three episodes of the cartoon series “Monta Monkey in the bizarre Galaxy” on August 6th.

Source: Vintata

“Monta Monkey in the bizarre Galaxy” not only is a spiritual gift for young audience but also turns a new page in Vietnamese cartoon industry.

The plot revolves around Monta - an apprentice monkey in the Kitchen of the Universe, where Supreme Chief cooks stew using planets as ingredients.

One day, Monta accidentally creates a mess of strange planets, and the punishment for him is to restore the order of the galaxy. Smart, good-natured, happy, and witty, Monta has been together with his friends travelling to strange places to fix this mess.

Each planet they set foot in is a colorful and exciting world, promising to appeal young audiences and make them wait for each episode.

With profound content and strong science-fiction factors alongside with strange but cute characters, the series will have many joyful adventures yet full of meaningful messages.

The idea of "Monta in the bizarre Galaxy" belongs to The Whale Hunters - a group composed of four members: Nguyen Hoang Vu (1993), Luong Vo Thanh Luan (1988), Suy Huu Vinh (1988) and Duong Minh Loc (1988) - the team won the first prize in the “Famous Author” contest organised by VinTaTa in 2017.

The detailed script was later developed by a seasoned veteran, award-winning animation writer Jeffrey Scott, who was previously nominated five times for Best Animated Feature category at the Emmy Awards.

With the experience of making cartoons for such world-famous studios as Disney's Duck Tales, Marvel's superhero animations, Jeffrey brings the humorous elements to the film, while still highlighting the soul of the Vietnamese people.

"Monta Monkey in the bizarre Galaxy" is VinTaTa Animation Studio’s first animated film established by Vingroup in 2016, with an aim to "bringing laughter to children."

To produce three episodes, a total of 60 minutes follows the format of the international animation channel - nearly 70 artists have worked continuously for 6 months and made 7,200 paintings per week. This is an unprecedented record of Vietnam animation industry in general and 2D animation in particular.

Source: Vintata

"At VinTaTa, we consider continuous exploration and testing as the prerequisite for creating the best products, achieving international standards while still being close to the Vietnamese people in content.

With the mission of 'bringing laughter to children,' with all the enthusiasm for animation, someday we hope to bring Monta and his friends closer to everyday life of Vietnamese families, and they will be loved by children," Director of VinTaTa animation studio Nguyen Phi Phi Anh said.

In addition to the efforts of the production team, VinTaTa reached the record thanks to the investment and enthusiasm of the Vingroup Corporation.

With two modern offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and a global screenwriting contest designed to recruit talented animators in Vietnam and foreign countries, Vingroup strike for VinTaTa to reach world-class standards in the field of animation

The first three episodes with the duration of 20 minutes each will be released at some movie theaters on August 6th at CGV cinemas at Vincom Landmark 81 in Ho Chi Minh City and August 10th at CGV cinemas in Hanoi before broacasting them on other channels.

It is planned that after the first launches at cinemas, the series will be broadcasted on different media channels.

Currently, the ekip team is diligently working on next episodes to deliver uninterrupted screenings./.

Translated by Ngoc Duong  
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