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10/17/2018 10:20:32 AM

Vietnamese women - Forever passionate

In celebration of Vietnamese Women’s Day (October 20), an exhibition titled “Chay mai nhung dam me” (Forever Passionate) – a gift to the visitors and a tribute to Vietnamese female scientists, those who devoted their whole life into creating useful products for our life, will be organised in Hanoi.

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The exhibition is organised by the Vietnamese Women's Museum, the Heritage Center for Scientists, scholars of Vietnam, and the Vietnam Association for Intellectual Women.

The exhibition was kicked off on October 16 and will last until November 16 in Vietnamese Women’s Museum.

It tells the stories of 15 Vietnamese female scientists coming from different fields such as Healthcare, Agriculture, Environment, Education,… but all have one thing in common: the passion to explore and create, to overcome every obstacle, pain and lost… to complete useful researches that directly affect the our life and make our society better.

The exhibition includes 3 main topics: Source of Passion, Journey of Creativity, Ever-burning Dreams. Through discussions, documentary images and films… the exhibition brings these figures closer to the public and helps us understand more about the life of female scientists, behind the glory and success, they are also womens, wives, mothers with daily life concerns and love.

“Chay mai nhung dam me” wants to send out a message: Science is life. Keep dreaming, keep pushing your passion, create, and find the values that bind and serve our life; at the same time celebrates the contribution of Vietnamese female scientists – those with their researches help the life of our people but also help to elevate Vietnamese level of science to be equal to that of the region and of the world.

Much like the female scientists, two female artists Tran Thanh Thuc and Ngo Dinh Bao Vi has an ever-burning passion for arts and are always looking for new initiatives on their creative journey. Their artworks “Ghep vai” and “Truc chi” presented in this exhibition are unique pieces of art, based on the traditional cultural values that bear our national identity.

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