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3/8/2016 3:20:58 AM

Vietnamese tennis delegation pocketed USD10,000 bonus

After gaining a 3-2 victory over the host Indonesia in the first round of Asia/Oceania Zone Group II for Davis Cup Asia-Pacific 2016,  the Vietnamese tennis delegation pocketed a USD10,000 bonus from the Vietnam Tennis Federation.

This was really surprising, as their Indonesian rivals were so strong, having two wins with the great contribution of Christopher Rungkat.

In fact, Christopher Rungkat completed his mission in the two single’s games, but lost in the double’s game, meaning that Indonesia failed against Vietnam.

In the March 6th game, the “major muscles” of the Vietnamese delegation Ly Hoang Nam and Nguyen Hoang Thien experienced a real challenge with a 12-hour match (including cancellation time due to rain). Vietnam took the 2-1 advantage, so a win was just enough for it to finalize the game. In the fourth game, Ly Hoang Nam surrendered in the 3rd service to Christopher Rungkat due to physical weaknesses. Meanwhile, in the last game between Nguyen Hoang Thien and the world 1,436th ranking Aditya Hari Sasongko, after three hours 35 minutes, he gained a 3-2 victory (3/6, 6/2, 3/6, 6/4, 6/4), thus helping Vietnam to finalize a 3-2 triumph to seek a berth in the Asia/Oceania Zone Group II.

The Davis Cup is the premier international team event in men's tennis. It is run by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and is contested annually between teams from competing countries in a knock-out format. It is described by the organisers as the "World Cup of Tennis", and the winners are referred to as the World Champion team.

Vietnam played the Davis Cup between 1964 and 1974, but didn't compete again until 2003. Their best performance was reaching Asia/Oceania Zone Group II, which they achieved in 2014 and now again for 2016./.

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