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9/23/2018 3:30:02 PM

Vietnamese snapping up traditional by jelly mooncake

Jelly mooncakes have been becoming quite a popular Mid-Autumn Festival treat as they are less calorie-dense yet still absolutely delicious.

Besides traditional mooncakes, many families have made jelly mooncakes for a change.

Mooncake is the symbol of the Mid-autumn festival. Vietnamese people buy mooncakes to eat and to give to others as gifts. Businesses also use mooncakes to thank their partners during this time of year. Mooncakes can be kept for months which makes them fit perfectly to be gifts for many reasons.

Traditionally, the cake mimics the shape of the moon at its fullest, also symbolise completeness and reunion. In modern time, mooncake are made in different shapes, including those of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Most popular are piggy, bunny and panda mooncakes. Vietnamese people consider eating mooncake as a way of celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival.

Besides the original mooncake, Vietnam has another kind of mooncake which is just as popular – snow skin mooncake. The original mooncake has a golden baked crust while the snow skin cake is all white. Fillings for both of the cakes can be the same with egg, jam, dried sausage, lotus seed, watermelon seed, etc.

Handmade multi-layered jelly mooncakes.

Recently, handmade mooncakes in different, special shapes and sold at reasonable prices have attracted a large number of customers. With the fun and innovative makeover, jelly mooncakes are much favoured by customers. The cakes do not require collaborative steps; even children can make one for themselves.

The most creative process is to infuse the cakes with flavours and craft them into shapes, as well as decorate them with fruit to make the treat even tastier.

In the coming years, Vietnamese will becomre more health conscious on choosing and preparing nutritious food and emphasising food safety.

Jelly mooncake fits right in and is a good addition to the Mid Autumn Festival which this year falls on September 24.

With new tastes and new flavours imbued in traditional shapes, jelly mooncakes have made it a unique treat for the festival./.

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