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4/11/2018 11:03:07 AM

Vietnamese people challenged to live green in 7 days

(VNF) – 7 day challenge, an initiative on promoting the ‘green living’ trend was launched yesterday in Hanoi. The event was held  by the United National Development Programme (UNDP), the Embassy of Sweden in Hanoi and Live & Learn Center.

Ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam,  Pereric Högberg speaks at the inauguration ceremony of 7 Day Challenge VN (photo: Phi Yen)

Speaking at the event, ambassador of Sweden to Vietnam, Pereric Högberg emphasized the importance of protecting the environment.

“If we do not take care of the planet, it will be impossible for us to continue to live,” he said.

The ambassador also inspired the audience by citing an example of how Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, was transformed into a clean city in over the last 100 years.

According to the Swedish Ambassador, Stockholm used to be a dirty place in the past, since people didn’t pay attention to the environment.

But with the collective of the government and the people, nowadays, it has become a clean city, where “you can swim in the river in the middle of the city and eat the fish from that river”, he noted, stressing the possibility of positive change can take place in Vietnam, with the people's sufficient awareness and proper action.

Since the 7 day challenge is a campaign responding to the Earth Day 2018, themed End Plastic Pollution, in his speech, the Swedish ambassador mentioned harmful impact of plastic garbages to the environment. He cited a research by the World Economic Forum, saying that "If we keep producing (and failing to properly dispose of) plastics at predicted rates, plastics in the ocean will outweigh fish pound for pound in 2050".

On the occasion, he vowed to take on the challenge of not using, buying plastic products in 7 days, despite it is very difficult to commit in Hanoi, he admited.

UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam, Kamal Malhotra (photo: Phi Yen)

According to UN Resident Coordinator in Vietnam, Kamal Malhotra, 7 day challenge is a meaningful  to contribute to the successful accomplishment of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 17).

“If each of the 7 million people in the globe took individual action, that would generate greater impact than the level of any government officer or politician can do” he said, stressing the importance of individual's effort in saving the environment.

In addition, participants at the event had chance to listen to insightful sharing from special guests, who are celebrity and environmental activists, like singer My Linh (Ambassador of 7 day challenge in Vietnam), Do Van Nguyet, (founder and director of Live and Learn center) on sustainable lifestyle.

According to the speakers, there are a variety of choice to try 'green living', through growing vegetables at home, re-using old clothes, making biological fertilizer, or avoid the use of plastic dining tools, etc.

Ambassador Pereric Högberg , UN Resident Coordinator in VN, Kamal Malhotra and Assoc.Prof. Dr. Ho Kim Thanh (representative of Hanoi Medical University) hold the panel showing commitment to 7 day challenge VN. (photo: Phi Yen)

In addition to promoting green living via words, the organizing board of 7 day challenge affirmed their commitment to environment protection by taking action: there was no plastic dinning tools used for the tea break.

7 Day Challenge VN is a join initiative by the UN, the Swedish Embassy and Live&Learn to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and mark the Earth Day April 22.

The campaign is challenging people to live, eat and move smart during seven days, and broadcast it with others. The Challenge starts respectively on 10 April, 17 April and 24 April lasting for a week each and aims to inspire people to adopt a smarter way of living.

To participate in the programme, please go to the tool kit at:

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