Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, Vietnamese Ambassador to Algeria, Pham Quoc Tru noted that the development of Son Long Quyen Thuat in Algeria symbolized the strong bonds between the two countries, along with Vovinam (one kind of Vietnamese traditional martial arts), 

The ambassador expressed his hope that the practice of Son Lon Quyen Thuat as well as other forms of Vietnamese traditional martial arts will grow strong in the African country.

A performance of Son Long Quyen Thuat (source: VNA)

On the occasion, Ambassador Tru had a meeting with Algerian Minister of Youth and Sports, El Hadi Ould Ali,  to discuss on how to enhance the exchanges of sport and cultural activities between the two nations.

Son Long Quyen Thuat was founded in 1957 by master Nguyen Duc Moc. By 2015, the number of people who practice Son Long Quyen Thuat worldwide was over 25,000.

Son Long Quyen Thuat was first introduced to Algeria in 1973 and there are 12,000 people learning the martial arts in 200 clubs across the country./.