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9/25/2017 2:37:33 PM

Vietnamese embassy in Mongolia attend launching ceremony of school named after Uncle Ho

(VNF) - The Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia recently attended the launching ceremony of the newly rennovated NO.14 highschool, which is named after President Ho Chi Minh in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar.

Speaking at the event, Vietnamese Ambassador to Mongolia Doan Thi Huong congratulated the teachers and students on having a well-equipped learning facility, and expected the school to make the best use of the infrastructures to gain more achievement in its education pathway, striving to become the cradle that nurtures Mongolian talents.

khanh thanh truong hoc mang ten chu tich ho chi minh tai mong co

Ambassador Doan Thi Huong (sixth from the left) attending the launching ceremony of NO.14 school (source: Vietnamese Embassy in Mongolia)

According to the diplomat, the school, named after President Ho, and its various joint activities with the Vietnamese embassy in past years, symbolize the cooperation and friendship between the State, Government and people of Vietnam and Mongolia.

The Vietnamese embassy and the school will continue joining hands to help the students gain insight of President Ho Chi Minh's life and revolutionary journey, as well as the Vietnamese culture, she said.

khanh thanh truong hoc mang ten chu tich ho chi minh tai mong co

Musical performance to mark the launching ceremony at school NO.14 (source: The world and Vietnam)

On behalf of the highschool NO.14, principal Vaandad Tsetsgee, thanked the Vietnamese embassy in Mongolia's for its various supports for the school, in terms of materials and spirit.

She also affirmed that the school will maintain its efforts in conducting more meaningful activities to help strengthen the bilateral ties between Mongolia and Vietnam.

The NO.14 is one of the first schools established in Ulan Bator. It was founded on occasion of the 90th birthday of President Ho Chi Minh, (in May 1980), under the permission of the Mongolian People's Revoluntionary Party. Since then, the school has trained a number of high-ranking leaders./. 

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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