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6/10/2019 10:03:29 AM

Vietnamese culture brought closer to Japanese people

Vietnam Festival in Japan 2019 was held last week at Yoyogi park in Tokyo, Japan. Over the past 11 years, the festival has become a symbol of cultural exchange between the two countries.

The festival features 120 pavilions divided into different sections, such as “traditional food”, “music”, and “traditional arts”.

Ambassador of Vietnam to Japan Vu Hong Nam, who is head of the Vietnam side of the festival organizing committee, said after 11 years, the Vietnam Festival in Japan has become a symbol of cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Deputy Foreign Minister of Japan Norikazu Suzuki said built on the extensive strategic partnership, the friendship between Japan and Vietnam is growing soundly across fields, especially in the people-to-people exchange.

Paticipants cut the ribbon to open the Vietnam Festival 2019 in Japan on June 8 (Photo: VNA)

He said there are around 330,000 Vietnamese in Japan, with on-the-job trainees accounting for 50%, noting that the Vietnamese there have contributed significantly to Japan’s economy and society and that his country wants to create a society where Vietnamese people could love Japan more.

Wearing Vietnam’s traditional dress Ao Dai, Satsuki Katayama, Minister in charge of Regional Revitalization, expressed her joy to be attending the festival as well as her positive impression of Vietnam’s traditional culture.

The Vietnam Festival in Japan became an annual event held by the Embassy of Vietnam in Japan and the Japanese side since its first edition in 2008. It looks to promote mutual understanding between the two countries.

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