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4/29/2018 11:18:40 AM

Vietnamese cuisines shine in the Philippines

(VNF) - The Vietnamese cuisines week has been capturing immense attention from Filippino gastronomers recently.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, bàn và món ăn

Vietnamese dishes introduced to the Philippines in the cuisines week (source: Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines)

The cuisines week is jointly held by the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines and Sofitel Plaza Hotel (Manila), from April 23-29.

Two credible chefs from HCM.City, Duong Dai Doan and Le Thanh Hai, were present in the event, dedicating to foreign friends the delicacy of the country's authentic dishes.

In the event, various cuisines have been introduced to Filippino people, such as: fresh springroll, beef noodles (phở), Vietnamese salad (nộm), etc.

Vietnamese cuisines have been well-known in the Philippines for more than a decade, as a Vietnamese restaurant named My Bawai Dung (My Grandmum Dung) was opened in Tagayta city, located 100 km from Manila in 2007. 

Not long after the establishment, thanks to the exotic tastes of Vietnamese food it served, the restaurant attracted a large number of customers. The sharp rise of demand led to the open of My Bawai Dung's several branches in Santo Rosa city, Nuvali and Quezon city.

Không có văn bản thay thế tự động nào.

The story about "My Bawai Dung" Restaurant featured on the Manila Bulletin (source: Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines)

My Bawai Dung has become so well-known in the country, that its story was featured on the Manila Bulletin's special edition Lifestyle.

At the moment, with the supports from the Vietnamese Embassy, My Bawai Dung's latest franchise business was opened in Taguig, Manila by a Filippino couple, bringing Vietnamese taste to more gastronomers.

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines, since Vietnamese cuisines are gaining increasing favors from the Philippines, more and more Vietnamese enterprises are shaking hands with Filippino firms to promote homeland's food in the friend's country./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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