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4/27/2018 10:58:40 AM

Vietnamese community much favored in Czech

(VNF) – A survey conducted by the Czech republic's Public Opinion Research Centre (CVVM) shows that the Vietnamese community has been winning more favor of the host country.

According to CVVM, 37% of Czech people are favored of the Vietnamese community.

Since 2013, the government of Czech officially recognized the Vietnamese community as an ethnic-minority group of the country. According to President Milos Zeman, the integration of Vietnamese people with the host country’s society has been very successful.

The Czech people are impressed by the diligence of Vietnamese in Czech, he noted.

Vietnamese youth showcases the charm of Ao Dai in an Asian Cultural Day in Czech (source: Tin Tuc)

“The Vietnamese community in Czech, with their beautiful core values, is also our role model, in terms of respect for the elderly, the preservation of traditions and the strong bond in the family," said the president.

Preserving cultural identity

The Vietnamese community in Czech republic is a vivid example of the “integrate but not dissolve” spirit.

The hallmark of Vietnamese culture can be found wherever the community is living, especially the in the Sapa Cultural and Trade Center.

Located in Prague city, Sapa Trade Center is the second largest Asian market in Czech republic.

In the center, all the shop name are in Vietnamese language. The sound of vendors, buyers bargaining somehow reminds overseas people of homeland’s traditional market.

Sapa is where people can find a variety of Vietnamese dishes, such as beef noodles (phở bò), duck rice vermiceli (bún ngan), steamed rice pancake, traditional cuisines including spring rolls, fried shrimp, green papaya salad and lotus seed - longan sweet soup.

Some even call it “little paradise of Vietnamese food”. 

Anthony Bourdain, the famous chef who once accompanied former US President Barack Obama to try “Vietnamese grilled pork rice vermicelli” (Bun Cha) in Hanoi, has recommended Sapa Trade center one of his favorite destination in Prague.

According to a recent survey published on a local newspaper last year, 85 percent of interviewees said they loved Vietnamese restaurants in Prague. About 67 percent of respondents said they frequently eat Vietnamese food, while 19 percent said they take the food very frequently. One percent told the survey that they have Vietnamese dish every day.

Vietnamese family in Czech (source: VOV)

In Sapa Culture and Trade Center, there is a supermarket named Tamda Foods, which has been smoothly run for 7 years by Vietnamese business people.

Tamda Food - one among leading consumer goods distributors in Czech, offers over 30,000 products, including European & Asian food, personal care, kitchen equipments and has become a regular and reliable shopping venue for 15,000 customers including many Czech people.

In addition to preserving the Vietnamese culture via the taste, Sapa Trade center is the place where language is preserved. People come there not only for shopping, but also to quench the thirst for speaking and hearing their mother tongue, where they can feel like being home while being away from home.

Selfless spirit

Vietnamese community in Czech is well-known for their unwavering supports for one another. In addition to focusing on the growth of one's own benefit, people there want to grow together. They regularly hold meetings and dialogues with local authorities to discuss on facilitating business activities of Vietnamese people in the country, on a legal basis.

At the same time, the Vietnamese community pays a great deal of attention to charitable services in both home and host country.

In the last 5 years, the charitable organization Viet-Czech House (VCH) has become a symbol of the Vietnamese's generosity and kindness.

In recent years, with the support from its partners, the VCH has been a great companion of the disadvantaged people in both countries.

The VCH was founded in 2013 by a group of Vietnamese people in Czech who have been active philanthropists for over ten years with regular activities to take care of lonely elderly and underpriviledged orphanage kids in Vietnam. 

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 5 người, mọi người đang đứng

VCH presents cash gift to two orphants in Thanh Hoa province. (source: VCH) 

Nowadays, the number of VCH members has exceeded 180, including both Vietnamese and Czech Samaritans. They are joining hands to reach to more needy community in Vietnam and  Czech. 

Every year, via the Vietnam Red Cross Society, the Vietnamese Buddhist Sangha, the Vietnamese Education Promotion Association, VCH has organized numerous charitable tours to Vietnam to better the life of disadvantaged people (lonely elderly, handicapped, orphanaged, homeless children, poor students with high academic achievements and people in disaster-affected areas).

In Czech, the organization also organized visits to nursing centers where the needy are taken care of.

In the last 5 years, many needy people have received the help from VCH. Nguyen Hai Linh, a Vietnamese woman, is one among them.

Coming to Czech 20 years ago, Linh and her child have been struggling with numerous difficulties, since she had to undergo brain surgery for two times, and her child is suffering from kidney disease. The time they spend in two separate hospitals is longer than the time staying at home.

According to Linh, even though the gift she received from VCH is not of big value, it truly gives her the strength to carry on, to overcome the health challenge and step by step, make a better life.

“I am hugely encouraged by VCH. People's care has boosted my willpower to fight with my sickness. Despite I don’t have any relatives here, the care of VCH members make me feel like I am always surrounded by a lot of love and attention, and it pushes me forward to battle my obstacles.”

At the moment, VCH is planning to extend their operation, spreading its arms to more needy people, including opening a VCH Center in Vietnam and establish a community for children with disability./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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