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2/27/2018 8:31:16 AM

Vietnamese French doctor changes life of disabled patients in homeland

(VNF) - Over the past three years, Rene D. Esser, a Vietnamese French doctor, travelled thousands of kilometres to Thong Nhat General Hospital in the southern province of Dong Nai every three months to provide free check-ups and treatment for patients with bone and joint diseases. 

Rene D. Esser (in blue) takes care of a patient with doctors' Thong Nhat General Hospital. (Source: VNA)

The 67-year-old Professor and Doctor is in charge of the Traumatology and Orthopedics Department of Polyclinique de Ternois Hospital in France.

He graduated from Paris Descartes Medical School in 1975. After finishing military service in Samoa, he started his careerin Germany. Esser then became head of the traumato-orthopedics ward of a 220-bed hospital when he was 29, just after just three months of apprenticeship. Esser and his wife then moved to the island country of Samoa where he helped the local Government build a hospital for traumatology and orthopedics. In recognition of the doctor’s great contribution, the Samoan King conferred on him the prince title and an honorary medal. In 1990, he held the professorship and became head of the U.S. Stanford University’straumato-orthopedics faculty. In 1995, the couple came back to France to live withtheir parents.

In 2007, Esser decided to travel to Vietnam to join charity surgeries at top hospitals in HCMC and other localities. The doctor has also traveled to remoteareas to conduct surgeries for the poor. Before every a trip back to Vietnam, Esserhas raised money and sought sponsorship of medical equipment and medicinesfrom companies in France. Esser said that keeping track of health of patients after surgery is veryimportant.

“After such trips, I feel that I can really see the significance of mycareer,”Vnexpress quoted Esser as saying. Esser has also passed on his experience to local doctors. Loving to eat Vietnamese rice and fish sauce, the professor has many projects in Vietnam to help disabled people integrate into the common life.

Esser and the Director of Thong Nhat General Hospital shared the concern over post-operative rehabilitation of patients.

“Surgery is only one part of trauma and orthopedic treatment. Monitoring patients’ recovery is necessary. However, many hospitals in Vietnam have yet to pay due attention to the rehabilitation work,” he said.

Rene D. Esser takes care of a patient at Thong Nhat General Hospital. (Source: VNA)

During the time spent in Vietnam, Esser has performed many surgeries, including complex ones that had never been carried out in Vietnam, bringing a new life to patients.

Nguyen Thanh Ha used to walk lamely as she has been an Agent Orange victim for 28 years. But now Ha can move steadily on her own after two surgeries. She is an owner of a barbershop in Hai Phong City and gives free-of-charge training to young disabled who want to become barbers. Ha is one of the hundreds of disabled persons who have received treatment from Esser who every three months uses his own money to leave France for Vietnam to conduct surgeries for disabled Vietnamese in the past eight years.

He said many hospitals in Vietnam, especially those at the provincial level, lack cutting-edge equipment, thus hindering the treatment of complex cases. Rene, therefore, brings medical tools from France to conduct surgeries and share experience with his Vietnamese colleagues.

Apart from Thong Nhat General Hospital, Esser has cooperated with other medical establishments like Hospital for Traumatology and Orthopedics, Cho Ray Hospital, 115 People’s Hospital, Gia Dinh People’s Hospital and 108 Hospital./.

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