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4/9/2018 8:35:46 AM

Vietnamese Embassy takes part in ASEAN Family Day in Mexico

(VNF) - ASEAN member states with representative diplomatic offices in Mexico, which are Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam on April 5 jointly held the ASEAN Family Day 2018. The event aimed at tightening the friendship, traditional cooperation of the ASEAN members in Mexico.

soi dong ngay gia dinh asean tai mexico

Ambassadors, chargé d'affaires and spouses posed for picture at the event (source: VN plus)

Speaking at the opening ceremony, Ambassador of Thailand, Rommanee Kanaurak, President of the ASEAN Committee in Mexico, stressed the importance of friendship activities in 2018, and urged representative diplomatic agencies of ASEAN member states in Mexico continue to strengthen the regional unified bloc and lend supports for one another to promote the ASEAN spirits in all spheres.

During the ASEAN Family Day 2018, there were a variety of performances such as Thai folk dances, folk games and the introduction of traditional ASEAN cuisines. The game tug-of-war of Vietnam, as well as the country's signature dishes like springrolls were well received by participants in the event.

The ASEAN Family Day 2018 was a practical activity contributing to unification and effective cooperation, and help lift up the prestige and position of ASEAN in the Latin America.

In recent years, the ASEAN Commitee in Mexico has organized numerous charitable fundraising activities, visit to cultural, economic and educational agencies across Mexico, contributing to enhancing the multi-faceted ties between ASEAN member states and the host country./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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