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3/9/2018 11:27:32 AM

Vietnamese American soldier on USS Carl Vinson happy to tears to return to VN

VNF - Hung Nguyen, an aircraft repair soldier on USS Cark Vinson which is making the historic visit to Vietnam said he was happy to tears to return to the country.

On March 7, Hung Nguyen and his teammates rented a car to Hoi An ancient town. The visit of USS Carl Vinson to Da Nang was also an opportunity for the Nha Trang native officer to come back to the hometown.

Hung Nguyen, 40, has been serving in the US military for nearly 10 years, including 3 years as an aircraft repair officer on the USS.

“In 2008, I went to visit my hometown in Cua Be, Nha Trang (Khanh Hoa). At that time, I was still single and just stayed for a short time. Since then, I got married and had two children but never have come back. The day I arrived in Da Nang, set foot on the shore, I found all everything familiar. Suddenly, I got misty-eyed.

Hung said, at the age of 6, he followed his mother to America while his father stayed in Vietnam. Some time later, he died.

Hung Nguyen on the transshipment vessel after leaving the carier to visit Danang - Photo: Tuoitre

When he came to America, he spoke Vietnamese, but after a while studying in American schools, Vietnamese language of the 6-year-old boy was lost. His mother laid out conditions forcing him to study Vietnamese language that “Not until could he write a full page in Vietnamese that he was allowed to go out to play’’.

“My mother told me that even if I lived in the US, Vietnam is my flesh and blood, it is unforgettable. If I want to play, I have to learn Vietnamese. When I write a sentence in Vietnamese that my mother could understand, she let me play, "Hung said.

He said that it took him a long time to learn Vietnamese vocabulary. Every Saturday he had to study Vietnamese.

Hung’s family is living in California now. He has a Thai wife and two children.

Try to do things in the capacity for the motherland

Hung Nguyen said his mother is living with his brother in the United States, but always told her sons to turn to Vietnam.

However, he regretted that he has never had a wife and two children visit his hometown. "Because my wife is Thai, the two have two different countries, so it is quite difficult to travel in. I heartily want to take the family back home once," he said.

Hung is presently a soldier in the US Army, but he wants to do all he can to bring the best for his homeland.

On the visit of the USS Carl Vinson, Hung Nguyen said he himself wanted such visits between the two countries will be more frequent./.

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