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12/14/2017 11:34:46 AM

Vietnamese – French dance artist wants to absorb more energy from hometown

VNF - Kim Sanh Chau, a Vietnamese – French actress and choreographer wishes she had been closer to Vietnam when she was young, so that she could have received more enery from the native land.

Meet young artist Kim Sanh Chau, the opposite people can easily feel her intimacy although she can’t speak Vietnamese. Perhaps, the actress and choreographer of contemporary dance has both strong and discreet personality like Vietnamese women she has known.

Kim Sanh Chau is now living and working in Montréal, Canada. Having graduated Finance Master in France, however, with passion for dance, she moved to Montréal to study dance at the University of Quebec.

First performance in Vietnam

Kim Sanh Chau studied dance very early, though only as an amateur dancer. After studying dance in Canada, she began participating in many contemporary dance projects. As a dancer, she has collaborated with many world-renowned artists and her collaborations have been performed in Toronto, Montréal, Canada, Italy and Colombia.

Kim Sanh Chau always tries to spread the message of peace through her works. Having a Vietnamese father, a Vietnamese – French mother and now living in Canada, she is confident to be absorbed the sophistication of different cultures.

In recent years, Kim Sanh Chau has often returned to visit Vietnam with her family, but only when she participated in “Asia – Europe Meeting” contemporary dance festival, she had the opportunity to perform in her hometown for the first time. She had two successful nights in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city with Black & Scholes – a contemporary dance piece combined with media technology.

Kim Sanh Chau’s choreographic research evolves around the conception of structures, exploring corporeity which lays in their interstices. And Black & Scholes helps her realize the idea of how to understand the chaotic structure and explore the inner world of each person. The performance is beautiful and deep, attracting the attention of professionals and artists, although contemporary dance art has not reached the majority of Vietnamese audience.

Kim Sanh Chau

First time performing in Vietnam, the French-Vietnamese female artist did not feel anxious about interacting with the audience. According to her, contemporary dance does not limit the age of audiences, anyone can come to contemplate and feel in their own way. The girl is lucky because in her hometown, she meets many good and dedicated dancers. She also sees in them the potential for development, the thinking of learning, and the sharing with the heart.

Nurture affection for the motherland

Sharing emotions for the first time performing in Vietnam, Kim Sanh Chau said she was happy because it was like returning to her own home. For her, this was a special event in life because her relatives and aquaintance in Vietnam could see her perform firsthand.

However, the young artist still regrets that she has almost no memories of Vietnam because her father moved to France in the 1960s when he was 17 and her mother was born in Ho Chi Minh City but lived mostly in France.

Returning to the hometown at the age of 20, Kim Chanh Chau prouds that Vietnam is a very lively country. More specifically, each place she sets foot and each one she meets help her get a very positive energy source.

The artist hopes to have more time to return, explore more places in Vietnam and continue to nurture this special sentiment with the homeland. In the future, she wants to learn more about culture, traditional customs and Vietnamese language so that she counld communicate in Vietnamese.

Kim Sanh Chau revealed in April, 2018, she will return to Ho Chi Minh City with a new project "Kaleidoscope" for the Krossing-over Festival. In this project, she will collaborate with two Vietnamese dancers. She hopes that the works would receive the welcome of the Vietnamese public.

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