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6/21/2018 3:30:14 PM

Vietnam sends nearly 60,000 workers abroad in first half of 2018

(VNF) - Approximately 60,000 Vietnamese workers were sent abroad in the first six month of this year, according to Nguyen Gia Liem, deputy director of the Department of Overseas Labour under the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Vietnamese workers participating in the programme on sending nursing care interns to Japan (photo: Dolab) 

In the first five months of this year, the total number of Vietnamese labour sent abroad reached 47,247, including 17,388 female workers, meeting 42.95% of the year's target. For the year 2018, Vietnam is expected to send 110,000 workers abroad.

Taiwan (China) continued to be the largest market for overseas Vietnamese workers. It has received 24,827 workers in the first five months of this year, followed by Japan with 17,252 workers, and the Republic of Korea with 2,272 people.

The Department of Overseas Labour has also launched a pilot programme on sending nursing care interns to work in Japan. There are currently six domestic firms in the North of Vietnam that are eligible to participate in the programme.

The list of qualified enterprises for the programme will be expanded in the long term. According to the plan, as many as 673 Vietnamese nursing trainees have been sent to Japan.

According to the Ministry of Labours, Invalids and Social Affairs’ statistics, in 2017, the country sent abroad nearly 135,000 workers./.

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