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11/13/2018 10:17:35 AM

Vietnam participates in ASEAN Family Day in Turkey

The ASEAN Family Day 2018 was held in Turkey on November 10 with a view to fortifying traditional friendship and collaboration between nations in the bloc as well as with the host country.

Vietnam’s signature dishes like pho were well received by participants in the event. (Photo by May Nguyen)

10 ASEAN member states with representative diplomatic offices in Ankara which are Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam jointly held the event.

This is an activity of ASEAN countries in Turkey. It is a festival of staff of representative agencies of ASEAN countries. It is not only a political and cultural activities, ASEAN Family Day in Turkey also contributes to strengthening solidarity and friendship among ASEAN countries.

Numerous activities including folk games and art performances were held at the event while many special traditional dishes were offered to participants.

Vietnamese “pho bo” (noodles served with beef), “bo sot vang” (Vietnamese beef stew), “che do xanh” (green bean sweet soup), “che bi ngo” (pumpkin sweet gruel) were very popular among visitors.

This was also an opportunity for families of ASEAN member countries to meet and exchange with each other, thereby tightening solidarity not only among the staffs working in representative agencies, but also among ASEAN people in Turkey./.

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