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Vietnam-Laos: Two inseparable parts of one body

(VNF) - “The Truong Son Mountain Range is the backbone of the two bodies of Vietnam and Laos, which share a natural bond and cannot be separated from each other. The relationship between Vietnam and Laos can be described not only through common words, but also through real stories that penetrate into every human being," said Dr. Ta Minh Chau, Standing Vice Chairman of the Central Vietnam - Laos Friendship Association.

He made that remark in the talk on "Vietnam-Laos special relations" with teachers and students of Thai Nguyen College of Economics and Finance.

At the talk in Thai Nguyen College of Economics and Finance. (Photo: Phuong Mai)

Thematic talk was one of the practical activities celebrating the Vietnam-Laos Friendship and Solidarity, the 55th anniversary of bilateral diplomatic ties (September 5th, 1962), 40 years of the singing of the Vietnam – Laos Friendship and Cooperation Agreement (July 18th, 1977), 72nd National Day of Vietnam (September 2nd, 1945) and the 42th National Day of the Lao People's Democratic Republic (December 2nd, 1975), organised by the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Thai Nguyen province in collaboration with Thai Nguyen College of Economics and Finance.

President of the provincial Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association Nguyen Doan Kinh; representatives from local authorities, school leaders, lecturers, as well as Vietnamese and Laos students also attended the event.

The "special" relations between Vietnam and Laos

At the beginning of the talk, Dr. Ta Minh Chau, Former Deputy Head of  the Party Central Committee's External Relations Commission, Former Vietnamese Ambassador to Laos and Vice President of the Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association, expressed his unforgettable memory of Laos and its people through the introduction of the pristine landscape of the Lao high plateaus, gentle and peaceful Mekong River and sincere and hospitable people.

After nearly four years working in Laos as an ambassador, he shared that he never witness any argument, whether in the capital or in any other province in Laos. "Living in Laos as living in my own home," Chau said.

Emphasising that the special relations between Vietnam and Laos is not a dry slogan but the vivid results  nurtured by the two peoples’ generations for hundreds of years, Dr. Ta Minh Chau, through his stories, proved that point clearly.

Dr. Ta Minh Chau talks about Vietnam and Laos speacial relationship. (Photo: Phuong Mai)

Vietnam and Laos officially established their diplomatic relationship on 5th September 1962. The foundation of today’s traditional friendship and the special solidarity and comprehensive cooperation between the two countries was laid by President Ho Chi Minh, President Kaysone Phomvihane and President Suphanouvong, and nurtured by generations of leaders of the Parties, States and the two nations. They have been increasingly strengthened and developed, bringing peace, independence and happy and comfortable life to the people of the two countries.

It can be said that the two-nation revolutionary cause is always closely linked. Uncle Ho had long recognised the responsibility of Vietnam in helping Laos revolution as well as training their cadres. Therefore, he proposed to build schools for Lao children from kindergarten to university, which was the strategic vision of Uncle Ho.

Over the years, there have been dozens of training schools for Lao people established. Their key cadres was trained at schools in many provinces in Vietnam during the two resistance wars. It can be said that Laos is the only country with key officials speak Vietnamese fluently, in which Somsavat Lengsavad, Chairman of the Lao-Vietnam Cooperation Sub-Committee who had visited many schools in Thai Nguyen and exchanged with two countries’ students.

Dr. Ta Minh Chau shared that, in July, during a meeting with the Vietnamese delegation in Laos, Party General Secretary and President Bounnhang Volachith welcomed the delegation included veterans, volunteers who dedicated their youth to the revolution like his own family members. They talked and recalled story of Uncle Ho when he visited the school President Bounnhang Volachith had once studied. The President said he was particularly touched by Uncle Ho's genuine and sincere concern for Lao students as he cared for both their material and spiritual well-being at that time.

Dr. Chau also recalled his meeting with Chairwoman of the Lao National Assembly Pany Yathotou, who was friendly and made him feel like a sister care for his brother. Moreover, her each gesture is imbued with fine customs and habits of the Vietnamese.

On the other hand, for Kikeo Khaykhamphithoune, Head of the Lao People’s Revolutionary Party (LPRP)’s Commission for Propaganda and Training and President of the Lao National Council for Social Sciences, the sincere kindness and concern of Vietnamese teachers and school board while he was studying in the country never failed to move him. At that time, every Lao students received 21 kg of rice every month, even more than the teachers. That illustrated the special attention the Vietnamese teachers pay to Lao students.

Dr. Ta Minh Chau talks with leaders of province and school board. (Photo: Phuong Mai)

Citing Uncle Ho's words "Helping a friend is the same as helping yourself", Dr. Chau said, in the past, there were more than 40 thousand Vietnamese voluntary soldiers and experts who laid down their lives in Laos in the wartime. Those tremendous sacrifices are the root of two countries’ exemplary special relationship at present.

At the grand ceremony marking the 55th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and Laos, Party General Secretary and President Bounnhang Volachith also emphasised that many generations of Vietnamese troops overcame difficulties and hardships to come to Laos and stand along with their brotherly Lao people and army to fight the common enemies, contributing to the great victories of the Lao people in the two national resistance wars against the French and American invaders. The Laos people will never forget the sacrifice of the great heroism and huge losses of Vietnamese soldiers and people.

The special, deep and pure relationship between Vietnam and Laos is also evident in the story of the Deputy Secretary of the Xieng Khouang province, who was adopted by a Vietnamese mother. She, at the same time, has to cared for her own child and three Laos children, but she still paid a great deal of attention in raising and nurturing them, hoping them grow up to be well-educated and kind people.

In contrast, during the anti-American resistance war, Lao friends agreed to cut off their land, helping Vietnam open up the Western Truong Son Range. The "Legendary Ho Chi Minh Trail" with hundreds, thousands of miles of branches stretching through forests, mountains, rivers and streams in Lao soil has become the important transport route bringing troops, food, and ammunition to the southern liberation forces and Vietnam People’s Army. Lao people had protected Vietnamese soldiers, contributing to the success of the glorious struggle for national liberation in the spring of 1975.

In the generations of leaders of Vietnam such as President Nguyen Minh Triet and Truong Tan Sang, the economic policies emphasised that Vietnamese enterprises invested in Laos must consider two countries’ relations as guideline, raising their business efficiency and ensuring mutual benefits and positive results to both countries.

“By all means, we must maintain and protect the Vietnam-Laos relations like protecting the pupil of our eyes,” stated the Party Chief Nguyen Phu Trong in his talk to National University of Laos’ students.

Development of special relationship between Vietnam and Laos: Law of invariability

With profound analysis and proof of the special relationship between Vietnam and Laos, Dr. Ta Minh Chau affirmed that, each person must be aware of the importance of maintaining and fostering two countries’ relations to be forever green and forever sustainable, for the benefit of both peoples, for peace, prosperity in the region and the world.

At present, the two countries are focusing on economic development. There are more than 400 Vietnamese businesses investing and operating in Laos with a total registered capital of more than USD 5 billion. To date, Vietnam has become one of the leading investors in Laos.

In addition, cooperation in manpower training is also one of the top concerns of the two countries. Man decides everything, so manpower development is the future development of the two peoples. Up to now, about 14,000 Lao students are training in Vietnam, of which one-fourth of students in Thai Nguyen.

Delegate took a group photo with students. (Photo: Phuong Mai)

Recognising the efforts of Thai Nguyen province in particular, Dr. Chau suggested that the provincial Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association cooperate with school leaders and teachers to pay special attention to Laos students, creating favourable conditions as well as promoting solidarity among two countries' students thus helping the Lao student get use to the life in Vietnam.

At the same time, the school should organise field trips to Vietnamese families and historical monuments in localities throughout the country to help them better understand the life and customs of the Vietnamese people as well as the history of the revolution between the two people. This is an important and strategic task, contributing to the traditional solidarity, loyalty, purity, and close links between the two Parties and the two people of Vietnam and Laos in the future.

Reaffirming the rule of invariability and the vital responsibilities of the two people in fostering the Vietnam - Laos special relationship to be forever green and forever sustainable, worthy of the blood sacrifice of generations, Dr. Chau expressed his belief and hope for a practical contribution from every person, especially Vietnamese and Lao students, in order to maintain and preserve Vietnam-Lao inseparable friendship as President Ho's wish.

At the end of the talk, Vice-President Ta Minh Chau presented 100 volumes of Vietnamese – Lao bilingual dictionaries written by him to the school board and students, hoping they always try their best to study and contribute to the development of each country in particular, contributing to building and developing the friendship between the two nations in general./.

Translated by Minh Chau  
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