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12/31/2017 10:59:53 PM

Various activities to welcome New Year at Temple of Literature

A series of programs are scheduled to be held at the Temple of Literature in Hanoi for people and tourists during the 2018 New Year and Lunar New Year festivals.

A scholar writes Chinese calligraphy characters at Temple of Literature 

Following the annual tradition, the site’s Culture and Science Center will host a calligraphy writing festival, traditional art performances by the Hanoi Cheo (popular opera) Theater and the Vietnam Musicians’ Association, and incense offering ceremonies.

Especially, the center will open a space, as the highlight of these programs, to retrace traditional education activities around the Ho Van (Lake of Literature) area within the temple complex.

Accordingly, the space includes booths to exhibit and sell traditional papers and books, pens and ink slabs, and tools which were typically used in exams in former times. Besides, there are photo exhibitions to feature training sessions of instructors and students in the past.

Since the beginning of 2018, portable eight-language translation devices will be used to serve international tourists when they come to the temple./.

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