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12/21/2017 4:14:46 PM

VUFO honors 48 NGOs with remarkable contributions to Vietnam

(VNF) - The Vietnam Union of Friendship Organisations (VUFO) on December 21 hosted a recognition ceremony for the contributions of foreign non-governmental organizations. As many as 48 foreign NGOs were honored at the ceremony.

Don Tuan Phong, VUFO Vice President in-charge cum General Secretary delivers his speech at the event. (Photo: Thuy Linh/VNF)

In the past few years, from a poor country stepping out of the fire of war, Vietnam has stepped up and joined the group of low middle-income countries. Along the way, Vietnam has received tremendous support from foreign NGOs. The VUFO is delighted to be a significant contributor, becoming an effective bridge between foreign NGOs and local agencies, partners contributing to poverty reduction and development of the country.

Speaking at the ceremony, Don Tuan Phong, VUFO Vice President in-charge cum General Secretary said that the Program was implemented effectively, basically achieving the set targets. Apart from the efforts of the Vietnamese ministries and localities, the success of the program has also is also due to the great contributions of foreign NGOs.

On this occasion, Phong expressed his thanks for the great efforts made in recent years and hopefully in the coming time, Vietnam will continue to receive the attention and support of foreign NGOs; at the same time, thanked the Vietnamese ministries and localities for their efforts in cooperating with foreign NGOs.

On behalf of the VUFO, Phong and Head of the People's Aid Coordination (PACCOM) Phan Anh Son presented the Certificates of Merit for 48 collectives, including 47 foreign NGOs and VUFO-NGO Resource Centre.

VUFO Vice President in-charge cum General Secretary Don Tuan Phong and Head of PACCOM Phan Anh Son present Certificates of Merit for foregin NGOs. (Photo: Thuy Linh/VNF)

At the ceremony, on behalf of foreign NGOs, Dragana Strinic, Country Director of Save the Children, expressed her honor to be received the Certificates of Merit.

However, according to her, there are still many challenges ahead: the gap between rich and poor, between urban and rural areas are increasing; 10 per cent of the population living in poverty, ethnic minorities account for two-thirds. In addition, Vietnam is among the five countries most severely affected by climate change. Economic losses from natural disasters cost Vietnam an average of 1.5 per cent of its GDP per year.

"We, foreign NGOs, including Save the Children, are committed to continuing to work with the Government of Vietnam and our partners to tackle these challenges, to completely eliminate poverty and to achieve sustainable development goals. We share the common goal of ensuring a promising future for all people, especially Vietnamese children," said Dragana.

Dragana Strinic, Country Director of Save the Children, on behalf of foreign NGOs, thanked VUFO. (Photo: Thuy Linh/VNF)

On this occasion, Dragana also thanked the VUFO and PACCOM for their enthusiastic support, advice and guidance to foreign NGOs in complying with current regulations, to ensure smooth operation. "In particular, I would like to emphasise your valuable and timely support in emergency relief efforts, helping us reach those in need of relief. On behalf of foreign NGOs, I would like to express my sincere thanks to you all for the commitments and supports you have given us, at the same time, the partnerships of the ministries, sectors and localities for their joint efforts in improving the lives of people.”

Earlier, on the same day, the VUFO held a information sharing conference on the National Program for the Promotion of Foreign NGO Assistance (the Program) for the period 2013-2017.

On the basis of the review reports from ministries, sectors, localities and the people's organisations, and based on the actual work conducted by the VUFO, it can be seen, the Program implemented in both central and local levels, was implemented effectively, basically achieving the set targets. Resources from foreign non-governmental aid continue to be one of the resources that should be promoted in the near future.

Overview of the information sharing conference on December 21st. (Photo: Thuy Linh/VNF)

At the meeting, representatives of foreign NGOs proposed some solutions to improve the effectiveness of foreign non-governmental aid mobilisation such as information sharing mechanism and innovation in approach to attract aid, etc.

Based on the evaluation of the Program for the period 2013-2017, the VUFO will chair in building a plan for the work in the next phase to strengthen the promotion and raising the effectiveness of foreign NGO assistance, supporting the poverty reduction and development efforts of the Government of Vietnam./.

Translated by Minh Chau  
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