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8/8/2019 10:16:22 AM

US expects to hold nuclear negotiations after North Korea’s recent missiles test

The US hopes the nuclear talks with North Korea will occur in weeks despite North Korea’s missiles tests while continue deploying the drills with South Korea.

The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (photo: Alarabiya)

The US Secretary of State expressed the hope of having denuclearization talks with North Korea on Wednesday. He said “We are hopeful that in the coming weeks we will get back to the negotiating table. We are planning for negotiations in a couple of weeks and we anticipate the two teams getting back together”.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had also agreed with President Donald Trump on their meeting in Demilitarized Zone on June 30 to restart the denuclearization negotiations. However, North Korea want the US cancel its military exercises with South Korea when the US had no promise on this plan.

Although North Korea shot two tactical guided missiles on Tuesday and gave a confirmation that this test was carried out for the US – South Korea military drills, Trump administration considered this North Korea’s action did not violate a pledge not to conduct the long-range missiles tests.

Mike Pompeo emphasized “We watched the actions they are taking, the actions that are taking place inside North Korea. And we are mindful that when we came in there was nuclear testing taking place. That has not occurred. There are not long-range missiles being fired. Those are both good things”.

He also mentioned about the Singapore summit “Now the task is for us to deliver on what the two leaders agreed to back in June of last year in Singapore”.

Nevertheless, the US had no intention to stop its military drills with South Korea. President Donald Trump on Wednesday even showed the discussion between the US and South Korea on retaining US troop in South Korea to prevent North Korea’s threat.


Reuters, Euronews  ( Van Nguyen )
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