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12/22/2017 1:59:37 PM

US Consul General bewitched Vietnam star apple

(VNF) - On the U.S Consul General – Ho Chi Minh city’s Facebook fanpage, Mary Tarnowka – US Consul General posted pictures of her enjoying star apple – which she said one of Vietnam’s most delicious fruits.

“just enjoyed one of Vietnam’s most delicious fruits. Can you guess what this fruit is? Star apple - the tennis-ball-sized fruit will appear in grocery stores in the U.S. soon,’’ said Mary Tarnowka.

‘’Cut the fruit into halves and you will see a star-like structure – that is the origin of the fruit’s name. The excitement lies both in the fruit’s taste and texture. The fruit combines a thick milky juice with a sticky sweet flesh. Soon, Americans in the U.S. will also start squeezing purple and green Star apples and enjoying their juicy goodness.’’

US Consul General Mary Tarnowka

"Vietnam is a dynamic, beautiful country and I want to experience as much as possible here. We will continue to organize better cultural activities in the US Center (Consulate-General of the United States) to provide the Vietnamese with an opportunity to better understand the United States and its people, especially educational opportunities in the United States, "she said.

Ms. Tarnowka has more than 20 years of experience working in foreign affairs, primarily in Asia. She speaks Vietnamese, Chinese and Spanish. The United States Consul General has two daughters, a daughter living and working in San Francisco and the other is attending high school in Ho Chi Minh City.

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