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4/29/2015 10:08:49 AM

Truong Sa archipelago in the hearts of overseas Vietnamese

Various groups of overseas Vietnamese around the world recently visited the Truong Sa island and DK1 frame house from April 21st - 28th on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the Southern liberation and National reunification day and also the 40th anniversary of Truong Sa liberation.

The delegation included 50 overseas Vietnamese. This was an opportunity for them to gather accurate information about the sovereignty of the sea and islands and convey first hand to their communities and international friends the reality of life in the archipelago.

The visitors took the opportunity to present gifts worth VND650 million from the people in their community to show their appreciation and encourage the soldiers and residents on Truong Sa islands.

Mr. Tran Hai Linh, member of the Central Committee of the Vietnam Fatherland Front and Head of the Overseas Vietnamese Association in the Republic of Korea, said that the community in South Korea had made their contribution with patriotism and enthusiasm.

"We bring all feelings of overseas Vietnamese to the people and soldiers on Truong Sa archipelago. The overseas Vietnamese community, including the overseas Vietnamese community in South Korea, have always been side by side with the country in protecting the sovereignty of the country," said Mr. Tran Hai Linh.

Returning from the visit to Truong Sa archipelago, DK1 frame house and attending the 40th anniversary of Southern liberation and National reunification day in Ho Chi Minh city, the overseas Vietnamese showed that they firmly believe in the cause of protection of the sovereignty of the sea and islands of the country and they will act as a bridge to convey the message to the community where they are living and international friends./.

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