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9/10/2019 3:40:04 PM

Trump hopes to meet Iranian Presiden Rouhani for talks

The US President Donald Trump gave his message that he wants a meeting with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Monday (September 9) amid tension between two countries.

President Donald Trump (photo: Euronews)

President Trump said on Monday (September 9) he could meet and talk with the Iranian President Hassan Rouhani when two countries are still on the escalated tension. President Donald Trump affirmed “It could happen. It could happen. No problem with me” and added “Iran should straighten out because frankly they are in a very bad position right now”.

Trump had mentioned on having a meeting with Rouhani in a sideline of the UN General Assembly in late September on last Wednesday (September 4). He also talk on Iran’s inflation “sure, anything’s possible. They would like to be able to solve their problem. We could solve it in 24 hours”.

Trump’s words came after the Iran’s recent actions on its nuclear issues. Iran had taken its third step to develop its uranium enrichment to break the 2015 nuclear deal on Friday (September 6) because the US had declined the French offer $15 billion oil credit line to Iran until the year – end to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal which Iran had agreed.

Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi had said “Our return to the full implementation of the nuclear accord is subject to the receipt of $15 billion over a four-month period, otherwise the process of reducing Iran’s commitments will continue”. 

The US had announced to have “maximum pressure” on Iran oil’s export before. Meanwhile, Iran constantly emphasized that it will comply its commitments in the 2015 nuclear deal if its economic interests are guaranteed and the US lift all sanctions which was re-imposed following the US’s withdrawal from the nuclear deal.


Reuters  ( Van Nguyen )
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