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12/31/2018 2:23:34 PM

Tourists amazed by snow and ince in Mau Son mountain

This morning (December 31), a wide range of mountains stretching across the Vietnam - China border in Lang Son province are covered by layer of frost and snow.

Pine trees coated by frost. Photo: TPO

On the small, winding road leading to Mau Son communal house, tourists keep flocking to the high mountains to watch and play with ice and snow, despite the freezingly cold.

According to Hoang Lang Huy, a local cultural officer in Mau Son tourist area (Loc Binh district, Lang Son), compared to yesterday, this morning, the snow and ice appeared thicker, smoother on tree branches, house roofs, and fence walls. The temperature at this time in Mau Son is minus 1 degree centigrade.

"Thousands of visitors have arrived at the mountain to experience the unusual weather and scenery as it occurred on the 2019 New Year Holiday," Huy said.

 Peach blossom covered by ice.  (photo: TPO)

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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