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6/26/2018 8:19:17 AM

This summer, try 10 simple cost-saving travel tips

(VNF) – Traveling obviously will cost you something, much or less depending on your preference for service. Anyway, there are always some tips to control your expense, or more exactly, avoid paying for the unnecessary things. Let’s have a look at these 10 simple tips to enjoy a cost-saving trip from the Vietnamese renowned travel blogger, Travip.

1. Be early enough to purchase discounted air fare

If you want to reduce your travel expense, be an early bird, to make sure that you do not miss the promotion period to purchase low-cost air fare.

However, do not make your booking too far ahead from the date of travel, since the promotion period may come afterwards. Do not make your booking too late, as probably there would be no discounted fare left.

*My recommendation: The most proper time to book your ticket is one month prior to your trip. I do not suggest you to do it too early, like 3 or 6 months before your departure, since your plan might be changed during the  long period of time.

2. Early reservation for your onboard meals

Some of the many meals we ate on board AirAsia

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If you choose to flight with budget air carrier, food service is normally not included in the ticket fare. In case your flight runs through lunch/dinner time, and you know you won’t have enough time to fill in your stomach before getting onboard, please book for your meal when you book your ticket. This will ensure you’ll no need to fly with an empty stomach, and can enjoy an affordable price. The food onboard is always cheaper than those sold at the airport.

Note: Some budget air carrier allows you to bring your own food onboard.

3. Book for hotel in advance:

Gallery image of this property

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Make a detailed plan regarding your destination and time of arrival to reserve your room beforehand. Do not wait until you arrive at the place, since there will be high chance of having no vacant room left, or you'll have to pay a very high fee. By the way, booking a hotel room with breakfast is strongly recommended.

4. Eat like a local:

best singapore food carrot cake

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Of course, eating in restaurants or hotels is expensive. So opt for street food or those offered in local traditional markets where local people often go for. I can guarantee you that the food there is not only much cheaper, but more importantly, it will give you the exotic taste of the place you’re visiting. Moreover, you’ll have chance to immerse yourself in the local culture.

5. Make a detailed itinerary

Making a detailed itinerary is of great importance. It will help save both your time and money, since you’ll no need to search around for the service you need or the sight you’d love to visit. On the other hands, when you come up with a detailed plan, you will have more time to surf the Internet to find the most proper service offered at the best price.

6. Using public transport:

Instead of renting a car or taking a cab, which might costs a lot, just travel like a local: using the public transport. This will require a thorough research of the locality’s traffic system. But it is worth trying, since just like eating at local market, traveling by public transport is a great way to become part of the new environment.

An incoming Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train on the rail track

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Note: If you travel as a group and the estimated cost of renting a car or taking a cab is much cheaper than taking public transports, just do it. In some cases, the price of Uber or Grab in some cities might be very low, it therefore is even better to share the cost with a group.

7. Opt for a tour package

Why not? Don’t think that you should not travel in a tour package. After reaching your destination country/city, purchasing a local tour package to explore sights of interest of your choice is a cost-saving tip. For these tours, traveling on your own might cost much. For instance, if you visit Dubai and would love to visit other UEA countries or have your breakfast on the desert, it might be very expensive and not convenient in terms of transportation when travel by yourself.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho breakfast in desert abu dhabi

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So why not choose a travel agent in Dubai that can provide you with one-day culture immersion trip at a reasonable price?

Another example is the Kuala Lumpur Hop on Hop off also helps you save a great part of your travel expense. Do not assume that traveling in a tour package deprives you from the local's authentic culture. Everything depends on you.

8. Stay in your friend’s house or join CouchSurfing:

If you want to save the accommodation expense, you can ask your friends who live in the locality to let you stay in his/her place (if you have any and he/she does not mind letting you stay). 

If not, you can take part in travel community like CouchSurfing to stay at local people’s house, which is both cost saving, and a chance to make new friends and learn more about the local culture.

9. Be a regular members of air carriers, hotels, online booking sites 

It is where you can accumulate your points which can be converted into rewards like free-of-charge stay or flights.

10. Be your own tour guide:

Instead of hiring a tourguide, do it yourself by taking more time on thorough research about the destination in advance. With that way, you can help not only you but also your family and friends./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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