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2/26/2018 12:54:01 PM

The kind heart of an overseas woman in France

(VNF) - With significant contribution in fostering international friendship and charitable work in Vietnam, recently, Ms. Pierrette Lamorlette, a Vietnamese French woman who has been living and working in Khanh Hoa province in over a decade, was selected as one of the 90 outstanding overseas Vietnamese to attend the “Homeland Spring 2018 – Bright future of Vietnam” held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Ms. Pierrette Lamorlette

To people in Nha Trang city, Ms. Pierrette and her husband, Gerard Lamorlette have long been well-known for their proactiveness in community work and humanitarian aid in the locality. 

Talking about the trip to Hanoi to attend the “Homeland Spring show 2018”, she said: “The programme only lasted one day, but there was plenty of meaningful activities. We were warmly welcomed and received by the General Secretary, Prime Minister, State President and other leaders. It was a touching experience. Homeland Spring is a practical programme which helps overseas people gain more insights of our motherland, fueling the love for Vietnam and strengthening the solidarity among Vietnamese community.”

Pierrette was very humble when sharing about how she was selected to represent Khanh Hoa province as one of the 90 overseas delegates to attend the programme. According to her, participating in charitable activities is something which come from her heart. She did everything with the purpose of supporting the less advantaged, doing something for homeland, without expecting to be recognized, to be honored.

Pierrette Lamorlette was born in 1947 in Hai Phong, Vietnam. She migrated to France in 1955. Pierrette came back Vietnam and represent the FCSPE, a France-based non-governmental organization working to support poor people since 2006.

In the last 12 years, she has been joining hands with Khanh Hoa province’s Union of Friendship Organizations (KHUFO) to conduct friendship exchange and aid mobilization for underpriviledged households.

Every year, she normally spent 1 to 2 months in France to introduce about Vietnamese culture, people, as well as raise fund to support the needy in Vietnam. The donated cash collected were used to provide scholarship, buy learning materials, stationery for the needy, in addition to helping Agent Orange victims,  poor households and charitable kitchen.

Since the year 2014, she has saved all of her pension for charitable activities in Khanh Hoa. Specially in the healthcare sector, she has greatly contributed to the Khanh Hoa Psychiatric Hospital. Thanks to her support, a partnership was formed between the local hospital and the Edouard Toulouse hospital in Marseille (France). The collaboration has facilitated expertise training and exchange programme between specialists of the two sides.

Pierrette and doctors, staff of Khanh Hoa Hospital of Psychiatric (source: Khanh Hoa News)

In recognition for her dedication, Pierrette was honored with various medallions, certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, KHUFO.

Talking about Pierrette Lamorlette, Tran Dai Thang, former President of KHUFO, said: “During my 10-year of working in the Union, I have witnessed Pierrette’s great cooperation with the Union to carry out meaningful social works. She not only put her own efforts in the cause, but also successfully gathered the supports from international friends in France, to contribute to the social work in Vietnam. So far, her kind gestures have reached many needy people. We are highly appreciate dedicated overseas people like her.”

President of KHUFO, Ly Ba Lin, spoke highly of overseas people in Khanh Hoa province. According to him, with the generosity and kindness, Pierrette has accompanied us many in charity activities and friendship exchange. She is a great friend of needy people in Khanh Hoa.

In addition to charitable works, Pierrette paid attention to friendship exchange, activities to improve the Vietnam - France mutual understanding. She was the one who invited French painter Claude Bovie to participate in the Sea Festival in Nha Trang. On the occasion, the artist has made 2 special grand paintings of Uncle Ho, which were formed by patching up 70 small paintings depicting the culture of Vietnam.

Currently, one painting is displayed at the Hon Chong Community club, Nha Trang city, while another has been presented to the Ho Chi Minh museum, Hanoi. In the heart of the patriotic overseas woman, bringing Vietnam closer to international friends, infusing the love for Vietnam in their hearts, mobilizing supports, is the responsibility of every Vietnamese.

Pierrette and their sponsors (source: Khanh Hoa News)

The trip to Hanoi for Homeland Spring 2018 also brought Pierrette closer to an influential figure:  former Vice President Nguyen Thi Binh. “That was my honor to see her in person. Madame Binh’s friends in France are alway keen to receive latest updates of her. Having the chance to visit Madame Binh, I have conveyed these greetings to her, and in return, bringing Madame Binh’s message to her friends in France.”

Actively contributing to the development of motherland in various fields in last 12 years, Pierrette's biggest wish is to gain the Vietnamese citizenship status. “I want to become a Vietnamese, a genuine citizen of Vietnam. I would love to dedicate the rest of my life to contributing to my home country.”/.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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