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4/12/2017 9:23:57 AM

The Vietnam Embassy in Morocco takes part in the “10-km run for peace”

 (VNF) – The Vietnam Embassy in Morocco took part in the 10km Run For Peace organized by the Moroccan Ministry of the Youth and Sports and the diplomat missions team in the country on April 9.

The event was held in commemoration of the United Nations International Sports Day for Development and Peace (April 6).

The tournament, which is also a charitable activity, aims to highlight the positive influence that sports can have on the advancement of human rights, social & economic development, peace and tolerance.

For every registration, the diplomatic corps in Morroco will donate USD5 to charitable organizations.

The marathon was launched in commemoration of the Internation Sports Day for Development and Peace (source: Vietnam Embassy in Morocco)

The event brought together foreign consulates, diplomats, Morrocan citizens of different age group and social classes. All the elderly, children and the disables were encouraged to partake. 

The tournament consisted of two sessions: a 10-km track for above the age of 15 runners and a 3-km track for all age groups. Starting point was Rabat central station.

The 10km running track led participants through famous sights of interest of the city, such as the old town Medina, Sale coastline, Kasbah Udayas citadel and the Chellah necropolis .

The Vietnamese participants in the tournament (source: Vietnam Embassy in Morocco). 

The event received strong supports from many members of the Vietnam Embassy in Morocco, with a view to spread the positive value of sports to boost the development and peace in society.

As one of the participants in the tournament, Vietnamese Ambassador to Morocco Tran Quoc Thuy stated: “Sports is one important feature contributing to sustainable development."

Sports events which are open to the public like this one will be the driving force for the progress of society toward peace and tolerance.”, he noted./.



  ( An Nhi - translated by Phi Yen )
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