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5/2/2019 9:05:26 AM

The Reach: Bringing “dream bridge” to people of Thua Thien islet (Vinh Long province)

VNF - Being accustomed to using boats as the only means of transportation, now people in Thua Thien islet, Tra On District, Vinh Long Province have a "dream bridge" to avoid dangers from river accidents.

Opening ceremony of Cau Doi Thua Thien

On April 27, the first community-based bridge in The Reach project was inaugurated at Thua Thien Island, Luc Si Thanh Commune, Tra On District, Vinh Long Province. The 60m long and 2m wide bridge is built with a total cost of 352 million VND.

Thua Thien islet is an isolated area because it is surrounded by rivers with strong flows. Individuals have to move by small boats. It leads to the worries of these kids as well as their family whenever they go to school by such precarious and dangerous boats or rafts. And, in rainy seasons, it is more and more dangerous! Some have to put the dream of going to school behind, others go to school on a daily basis with fears.

With this new bridge from now on the people of Thua Thien islet have more reason to believe in better future.

The Reach is a community project in which is operated and organized by JCI East Saigon from Vietnam and JCI Anseong from Korea. The project is focusing on building charity bridges for the poor households on the isolated islands in the riverside areas to ensure the local people can have access to safe and more convenient transportation in the Mekong Delta regions. In addition, the project also has the other sides’ activities at the local school such as classroom repair; library upgrading, organizing second-hand market

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