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2/22/2018 11:17:39 AM

Teachers' attention helps ensure students' attendance after Tet

(VNF) – In the mountainous district of Quang Tri province, after Lunar New Year (Tet), the number of students coming to school is usually very low. In order to improve the situation, local teachers have paid visit to students' home to remind them to attend classes after the holiday.

On the 5th day of Tet (February 20), a New Year gathering was held for the teachers and officers in Huong Phung primary school (Huong Hoa district). After the meeting filled with warm wishes, they instantly kick started their ‘mission': heading to students' home. The trip meant more than a common Tet visit, since besides extending new year wishes, the teachers came there to make sure their students not forget to come back to school after the festive break.

Giáo viên Trường Tiểu học Hướng Phùng đến tận nhà học sinh lì xì đầu năm và vận động các em đến lớp. (Ảnh: NVCC)

Teachers from Huong Phung primary school visit students’ family, presenting lucky money and encouraging them to come to school after the holiday. (source: DT News)

Following the Vietnamese traditional Tet custom, the 'special visitors' prepared lucky money for the kids, especially the needy students. Nguyen Thi Nhi (22 years old), overseeing students of grade 5, said, in the last 2 days, she has visited 15 families of students of ethnic minorities. “I came to extend new year wishes and 'red envelopes' to my students, and remind them that the school will open again on the sixth day of the Lunar New Year," she told reporter of Dan Tri News.

According to Nguyen Mai Trong, Principal of the Huong Phung primary school, there are 653 students in the school, of which 417 are from Van Kieu ethnic group. Thanks to the attention of the school leaders and teachers, on the first day of school after Tet, 99% students have been attended classes.

Ethnic student happily receives lucky money from teacher (source: DT News)

Nguyen Van Duc, Head of Huong Hoa district’s Office of Education and Training, said, before Tet, the district already sent document requesting schools in the locality to ensure students’ attendance after the break. The authorities also asked schools to pay attention to disadvantaged students and report to the office instantly on the situation, to prevent post-Tet school dropout from happening.

The Office will also inspect the number of students coming to school after Tet and decide solutions to deal with low rate of attendance cases./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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