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5/13/2018 4:53:21 PM

Taste Vietnamese tea via five senses

(VNF) -  Tea (Tra) Art is a multi-sense exhibition on Shan tea, the hundreds-year-old wild tea trees of ethnic-minority people in the Northwestern mountainous province of Ha Giang. The exhibition will be held at the French Institute (L'Espace), Hanoi on June 1.

Poster of Tra Art (source: L'Espace)

Tra Art is an initiative of Vietnamese photographer Nguyen Thi Tuong Van, gathering five artists who are known for outstanding talents in their profession: cartoon painter Nguyen Quynh Phuong, 3D designer Marcus Bowler, painter Gérald Gorridge, sculptor Tran Thu Hang and musician Ngo Hong Quang

Tra Art promises to be a gentle artistic touch which can awake five senses of the participants, welcoming them to the world of tea via different forms of expression in art.

According to the organizing board, the opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held at the French Institute, No.24, Trang Tien str, Hanoi at 6pm on June 1, featuring live dance and music performance. The opening ceremony will also bring to visitors chance to explore the fantastic taste of premium Shan tea.

Tra Art will run through July 9./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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