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1/9/2018 3:14:34 PM

Ta Pa mountain: Where nature, human work blend in harmony

(VNF) - Ta Pa, a 120-meter mountain on Tri Ton District in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, lures tourists due to its peaceful, romantic atmosphere and scenery.

Colourful rice paddies meander through the foothills of To mountain, punctuated by rows of trees. (Photo:

Located in Nui To Commune, Tri Ton District about 30 kilometers from Chau Doc City in the Mekong Delta province of An Giang, the small mount is just 100 meters above sea level. Therefore, a long time ago the local Khmer community built an excellent path heading up the top.  At the beginning of the path is a gate with many patterns of winding snakes and under the gate is a house roof with many designs of dancing Apsara. Seventy meters passed the gate, tourists will see a statue of monkey Hanuman as a signboard to the mountain.

The mountain is one of seven peaks named That Son, which means "seven famous mountains". From the montaintop, visitors can feast their eyes on the town of Tri Ton and relish the beauty of paddy fields in the foothills of the To mountain. The bright green paddies are typical of scenery in the southern countryside. During harvest season, the golden rice fields are highlighted by rows of vibrant green palm trees.

Ta Pa’s towering mountain cliffs loom like castle walls featuring rough rock pillars. The rock walls vary in shape and size and seem quite peculiar. (Photo: hachi8)

Also, at the peak, visitors will find a crystal blue lake which is surrounded by weird-shaped rocks. Seventeen metres deep, the lake is the by-product of a former mining operation. The surrounding mountain cliffs provide clear vistas of the lake’s blue depths.

Lake-bottom rocks add many colours to the scene: light blue, black, dark orange and light yellow. When the sky is clear, the lake surface reflects the pastoral setting like a giant emerald-coloured mirror.

Halfway up the mountain there is a pagoda called Ta Pa. (Photo: Nguyen Chau)

Traveling from Tri Ton Town along Nguyen Trai Street for about two kilometers, tourists will reach the Ta Pa Pagoda welcoming you with its two giant statues of the Keynor bird deity.

At the pagoda, visitors can see the combination of the old and the new, the antiques and contemporary decorations. It is tucked in a nice spot among cool, clean air and immense greenness of forest which makes for a tranquil and pure ambience, giving visitors carefree moments in the sanctuary.

The pagoda is striking with typical Khmer pagoda architecture and its yellow color makes it more noticeable in the mountain area. (Photo: Nelly Nguyen)

From the pagoda, trekking upwards for about 50 meters, tourists will reach the peak with many giant rock pillars pointing imposingly to the sky. Under the pillars is a small lake where visitors will be amazed by its crystal green water. Moreover, visitors have a chance to admire the talents of artisans via the statue garden with a number of Buddhist characters and genies.

From the pagoda’s tower, visitors are treated to a stunning panoramic view of the busy Tri Ton town below interlacing with the greenness of rice fields and rivers..

The lake on Ta Pa Mountain’s peak. (Photo: hachi8)

Endowed with such fascinating sceneries, Ta Pa Hill is often chosen as a venue for traditional festivals of the Khmer community and for movie scenes. Its magnificent and romantic landscapes are luring more and more excursionists who love to explore./.

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