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1/30/2018 3:13:23 PM

Students enjoy language learning tour in Hanoi's Old Quarters

(VNF) - Many language learners struggle with speaking skill, even in a classroom, where he or she can seek supports from textbooks, classmates and teachers. So what should be done to become a fluent and confident speaker, not only in a classroom, but also in the real-world context? The answer is: immersing yourself in the language.

Students and teachers discuss about their tour plan. (source: ULIS)

To give the students the opportunity to immerse in the foreign language they are learning, the Foreign Languages Specializing School (FLSS) (University of Languages and International Studies – Hanoi National University) has taken account of the real-life learning approach.

In the school where 7 languages are taught, extra-curriculum activity has become an indispensible part of the learning process. Recently, students of class 11C (majoring in French) had taken part in a memorable learning tour.

It was a cold Sunday morning. For many, especially the young students, weekend is the best time to spend some extra hours in their warm blankets. But for students of class 11C, there was something much captivating than a longer sleep: a walking journey to explore the Old Quarter of Hanoi, together with their teachers.

Filled with excitement and enthusiasm, some participants even arrived earlier than the planned time. While waiting for their classmates, they took their time to capture simple yet adorable moments of Hanoi at dawn. The others spent time strolling around the Sword (Hoan Kiem) lake, bathing in the fresh air and tranquil atmosphere of the new day.

Meanwhile, another group of students were busy with an 'important mission': designing an authentic Vietnamese-style breakfast, specially for the teacher from France, J.P.Clément.

At 8 am sharp, all members of class 11C had shown up in front of Ngoc Son Temple, their meeting venue. They were divided into teams, each was allowed to decide the itenerary and the topic they would love to learn about. Cuisines, architecture, restaurants, water puppetry were the some cultural aspects of Hanoi that the young explorers were interested in.

Students of class 11C and their French teacher, J.P.Clément. (source: ULIS)

After presenting their ideas, the students received useful advices from their teachers, especially in areas they were unsure about.

They later sleeved up to execute their project, with a lot of tasks, from tasks arrangement, selecting necessary equipments, taking pictures, interviewing tourists to filming and video editting, among others.

After a few hours of dedicated work, all teams had completed their project, and submitted it to their teachers.

What they had done was beyond the expectation of the teachers. In addition to writing report (in French), the students even had crafted their own product - short videos capturing their findings in the trip, especially featuring interesting interviews with foreign travellers and local people. 

Despite 11C class students had only picked up French for three semesters, they appeared to be very confident and comfortable while communicating with foreign tourists in French language. And more importantly, they really enjoyed the activity.

Phuong Thuy, one of the participants, said: “This is an extremely valuable experience. I am so glad that I could apply the language skills I’ve been studying to real-world conversations. French language is getting closer to us, and become more appealing.”

Another student, Le Anh, was happy to see how the beauty of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular have captured the hearts of French visitors.

According to Thu Phuong, the trip brought her a clearer picture of people from the hexagon country. "They are very amicable," she noted, adding that in addition to what she learned in text book, the press and media, France is now closer to her heart. 

"I have more motivation to commit to my dream of studying in France,” the girl affirmed.

The learning tour was wrapped up with a joyful lunch, filled with interesting behind-the-scene stories. The language practice session left a great impression on all participants. Some students started to look forward to the next outing. They could not wait to know the upcoming destination, time and theme.

The trip was also an unforgettable experience to J.P.Clément, the teacher from France. According to him, having the chance to work with FLSS French language students was a blessing, since he could hardly find a team of enthusiastic, dynamic and considerate tour guides who were always happy to explain in great details about Vietnamese culture.

An ice cream on a winter day, memorable experience for both the teachers and students. (source: ULIS)

The trip also helps strengthen the ties between students and teachers of class 11C.

“We are happy that our teachers were willing to join us, despite the tour was held on weekend. Their participation gave us lots of encouragement. Having the chance to talk to them in somewhere out of the class bring us closer to one another.”/.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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