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5/27/2018 9:51:18 PM

South Korean artists build new playgrounds for children in Kon Tum

(VNF) - Last week, JD Brothers, the famous comedians group – known in South Korea through “Gag Concert” and actress Chun Mi-sun visited and directly built two new playgrounds for needy children in Kom Tum province.

JD Brothers and management team pose for a group photo with the children. (Photos: Plan Vietnam)

In two days on May 18th-19th, three members of JD Brothers included Kim Dae Hee (and his family), Kim Jun Ho và Park So Young and management team from Joy&Dream (JD) Bros Company have returned to Vietnam the second time to bring joy and laughter to schoolchildren in Kon Ray district, Kon Tum province.

In their visit to Kon Ray, the comedians organised fun traditional games and cooked Korean food for children. Especially, they committed to fund a brand new playground and outdoor facilities for the local primary school through Plan International Korea and Plan International Vietnam, and directly participated in the construction and installation. Soon, a safer, better playground will be open for the schoolchildren, so they can have more joyful and quality playtime.

Three members of JD Brothers directly participate in the construction of the playground in Kon Ray district.

In June, 2016, three comedians and management team from JD Bros Company have visited the community of Cay Bong village, Kim Thuy commune (Le Thuy district, Quang Binh province). They have come all the way to visit their 20 sponsored children though Plan International, as well as supported the community with a new cemented playground and outdoor toys. JD Bros visitors and the villagers had chance to interact through playing games, cooking Korean food and working on the construction of playground and school fences together.

The famous Korean actress Chun Mi-sun, who has been very familiar with Vietnamese audiences, has spent two days on May 22nd-23rd in the midst of her busy schedule to visit and play with children in Dak Koi pre-school, Kon Tum province.

During her visit to Dak Koi, Mi-sun not only drew pictures and played with the children but also personally cooked lunch for them. Moreover, the actress’s donation through Plan International Korea and Plan International Vietnam has been using to build a new, qualified kitchen and safer playground for the pre-school students here.

Korean actress Chun Mi-sun plays with the students in in Dak Koi pre-school.

Lasted for only two days each, the visits by Korean artists have lefted beautiful memories for both sides. The new and safe playground with toys for children contributes to a better environment for children in poor areas Kom Tum province to play, learn and develop./.

Translated by Hien Trinh  
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