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2/21/2016 4:40:59 AM

Sole Vietnamese company to show at Mobile World Congress 2016

(VNF) - The Vietnam Military-run Telecommunications Group (Viettel) announced it would take part in the Mobile World Congress 2016 (MWC 2016) to be held in Barcelona (Spain) from February 22nd-25th.

It will be the only Vietnamese Company to have a kiosk at the biggest annual event for the global mobile industry and gathers leading enterprises in telecom, information technology and related industries.

This year’s party, under the theme “Mobile in Emerging Countries”, is expected see 85,000 world’s leading firms.

Viettel’s kiosk will be designed with a giant image of a Dong Son bronze drum, the symbol of the Dong Son Culture and Red River Civilization of ancient Vietnam during the era when the Hung Kings established the nation.

By doing business in 10 nations in Asia, Africa and America, Viettel will introduce information technology-products based on telecom foundation such as E-government solution, E-school (SMAS), Sales management solution for distribution chain, Family electronic 1-phase electricity power meter, E-office, and Customer service and billing system.

Mr Tao Duc Thang, Deputy General Director of Viettel Group, said: “Viettel said it would bring information and communications technologies into every aspect of life. In Vietnam and other international markets, we have already implemented the strategy in the fastest, deepest and widest manner possible because we clearly understand that this is an opportunity for the developing nations of the world to catch up with the developed countries. Telecommunications and information technology will change the way we live, study, work, entertain and make life smarter, and promote rapid development of society”.

Between 2009 - 2015, the Company has four times won the World Communications Awards in the category of “Best Operator in emerging markets.”

By early 2016, it has 85 million subscribers out of a combined population of 270 million and a turnover of VND238 trillion (USD10.5 billion), a year-on-year increase of 20.8% per cent.

Playing as a forum for mobile service companies around the world to meet, connect and explore investment and co-operation possibilities, last year’s event lured firms from 200 nations/territories (60% from Europe, 18% from America and 15% from Asia ...), with around 2,000 kiosks and 3,800 correspondents./.

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