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9/6/2018 10:27:02 AM

Sculpture arrangements with orchids in Hoi An

For the first time, the Le Brothers (Le Ngoc Thanh – Le Duc Hai) is holding a contemporary art exhibition in Hoi An. The project of twin brothers Thanh – Hai called “Lan – Lan” is an installation project that combines sculpture arrangements with orchids among one of the most beautiful and largest houses in the ancient city.

“Lan – Lan” is a project that links the overall structure of Vietnamese culture as well as the Nguyen Dynasty and the modern history of Vietnam and interacts with the nature of visual perception of the artist.

“Man is always parallel to nature, especially nature. Where harmony is a matter of human urgency. We can only interact and integrate with nature, but we can not force and coerce nature,” Le Brothers said. “The human condition is like a branch of a tree where we have to work to live, to survive and that it goes along with nature. If you fight it against nature you will kill yourself.”

To do that, this pair of twin artists with love to the natural and cultural world of Vietnam has used a combination of elements Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth to create the connection – an overall system for his contemporary artwork.

The main message of the exhibition that Thanh – Hai want to bring is the combination of the beauty of nature in the work as a human-space interference.

The exhibition will be opened from September 8 to November 8 at Xu Dang Trong Arts Center (9 Nguyen Thai Hoc street, Hoi An city)./.

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