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2/28/2018 11:38:52 PM

“Russia in my memory”: Friendship transcends the distance of time and space

(VNF) – Being published on occasion of the 100th anniversary of Russian October Revolution (November 2017), the book “Russia in my memory'', written by journalist Mai Quang Huy, has brought to readers, especially the youth, a genuine view of true friendship, which overcome the difference of races, skin colors.

The book "Russia in my memory" 

After graduating from the Leningrad University of Education in 1978, Mai Quang Huy returned to Vietnam, where he started to work for the Vietnam News Agency. A few years later, the job of a reporter brought him back to the country.

With 14 years living in the country, the former Soviet Union has become the author’s second homeland.

Even in later year, when the journalist left Russia, Mai Quang Huy's bond with Russia has never been loosened. The love for the country has been nourished in the passion for the language, which he works with everyday. It is present in the various souvenirs, books and photos he brought back to Vietnam in his little 'Russian corner' at home. And moreover, that love always stays in his heart as unforgettable memories.

 “As a person who had the chance to work and study in the former Soviet Union and later Federation of Russia, I am deeply grateful for what I received from my host country. I wrote this book with the purpose of expressing my thankfulness toward my teachers and friends in Russia, who lended tremendous supports to me in those years,” said the author.

Author Mai Quang Huy

The stories were told following the timeline of history, from the period of former Soviet Union to the Federation of Russia, with all characters were real. They were people who shared a strong bond with the author, such as his first Russian teacher, who took care of her students like their mother; his roommates and classmates who were from different countries, but regarded each other like brothers in the same family.

In “Russia in my memory”, the affectionate relations between Vietnamese and Russians were depicted through story of the author's friends, such as the love story of a Vietnamese guy and a Russian girl, which overcome many barriers to blossom and bear fruit.

“Russia in my memory” reflects the long live of sincere fraternity, unconditional love among people from different nations, which stays true through the test of time.

For those who have once been to Russia, the book helps turns back the time, recalling beautiful memories.

For those who have never been to the country, it brings Russia closer to them, warms their hearts with touching true stories./.

  ( Phi Yen )
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