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6/24/2018 10:03:51 PM

Run to disconnect from virtual lives and connect with family

(VNF) - On the occasion of Vietnamese Family Month, the “FAMILY FUN RUN 2018 - Run to connect” was held at Yen So Park, Hanoi on June 24th, drawing thousands of participants, including many children of all ages.

Nearly 1,000 participants at the running event. (Photos: GNI)

The development of Internet and technology has brought people together in virtual world, yet it also challenges the way we stay connected with other people in real life.

The run was created as a reminder to ourselves about the important things in reality that we have neglected for the “comfort and convenience” of sitting in front of the screens. This event was not only an occasion for runners to “disconnect” from their virtual lives and “connect” with their loved ones, but also an opportunity to train their physiques and mentalities.

Safety taught through puppets

The problems of child violence unfortunately is very urgent in Vietnam and most of the time brings to death or disappearance of children - small and unprotected citizens. What to do and how to protect our children? How to bring and correctly explain them how to behave? How to self-protect and do not believe in lies of someone even familiar parents, who with different ways can lie to the child and accomplish their crime.

With this aim, Good Neighbors Vietnam (GNI) performed puppet shows to help explain sexual violence to children and understand how to prevent and report it.

The Good Puppet Show with the aim of helping children enhance their skills and knowledge to protect themselves.

The puppet show is a part of Good Neighbors’ worldwide education programs on children’s rights, and it’s been adapted to the local circumstances of Vietnam in order to be performed in primary schools in Hanoi and some other provinces.

This program is very easy in content and deep in meaning, understandable to children and very interesting. As well the program is effective because children receive information from puppets and this is much easier to perceive and stays in minds of children for a long time, as well is transferred to other children.

The Good Puppet Show is currently implemented by GNI in primary schools in Tuyen Quang, Hoa Binh, Thanh Hoa and some primary schools in Hanoi such as Chu Van An, Doan Thi Diem, Le Quy Don, etc., and it has a plan to continue the child sexual abuse prevention education through puppet show for the safety of children.

The puppet shows teach children to be aware of their rights to protect and be safe from any form of violence.

FAMILY FUN RUN is a 100 per cent non-profit event that aim to raise awareness about Family Day and especially about the importance of creating a healthy environment for children to grow, to learn and to love. The registration fee is used to partly cover all expenditures and 25 per cent of it is contributed to charity funds of GNI.

Sale booths and consultation corner for parents also were held at the event./.

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