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9/8/2018 9:34:33 AM

Ravolution Music Festival ready to roll into Hanoi late September

Ravolution Music Festival – one of the most anticipated EDM (Electronic Dance Music) festivals – will be held in Bach Khoa Stadium, Hanoi on September 29.

This year’s festival has been dubbed ‘Journey to Ravoland’ and conveys a message of preserving the green planet and its precious cultural values.

The festival is expected to attract 12,000-15,000 Hanoian ravers with its pulsing beats and exciting line up.

According to the organising board, Ravolution Music Festival will feature a number of well-known local and foreign DJs, including Olivia Nervo, Miriam Nervo, PsyTrance Vini Vici, Maurince West, Huy Dx, Triple D, Minh Tr, and Hiwatt.

While it quickly became massive globally, electronic dance music was slower to take off in Vietnam. It may seem to be everywhere now, but its ubiquity took longer to form than in Europe, North America and many other parts of Asia.

Many credit DJ Jase Nguyen with helping give it a foothold here. Born Nguyen Thanh Trung, Jase grew up in Saigon but moved to Australia at age 16, where he became immersed in the global EDM scene and began making music himself. When he returned to Vietnam, he helped introduce much of the music he loved.

He told DX Mag in 2014: “You could say I started the bass movement in Vietnam (since 2007) — first with The Beats Saigon, which aims to bring more international acts to perform in Saigon, but since international acts come on an irregular basis, I needed a new monthly platform to promote bass events, so I started Bass Republic three years later.”

Numerous promoters and artists have followed in Nguyen’s footsteps. Heart Beat Sagion, an electronic music collective dedicated to hosting shows and raising awareness of social issues, was founded in 2012 by a triumvirate of artists and promoters from Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands. They tell Saigoneer in an upcoming video feature that they founded the group to help introduce their favorite kinds of music to a place that was lacking it.

Other key figures involved in nurturing the budding local scene through booking and promotion include Swiss native Dan Bi Mong, who opened The Observatory, a crucial venue for shows; the Parisian Ferruzza brothers, Josselin and Florian, who started the Asian Rave Connection; Jakob Lennartsson, who began Saigon Rockers after moving from Sweden to help introduce Jamaican elements of the genre; and Vanessa Le, who brings in international acts with the help of Jase and the Saigon Rockers through her collective the Institute of Lower Learning.

With its eruption in Vietnam in 2015, EDM has proved to be one of the hottest trends for youngsters in 2016, with over ten festivals of world class superstars like The Chainsmokers, Daedelus, Tiësto, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Hardwell, Alan Walker and others. And while not on the same level as the largest events in Europe or North America, several notable multi-day festivals such as Equation, Quest, Sound Stuff and Epizode have welcomed to their stages premier and up-and-coming DJs representing different genres of electronic dance music./.

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