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9/14/2019 6:00:39 PM

Present from the Past - An exhibition inspired by Nguyen Dynasty

An exhibition of artworks and designs inspired by Vietnamese culture during the last dynasty of Nguyen, is being held in Sydney, Australia in two weekends of 6-7-8 and 13-14-15 September.


The exhibits are embedded with the desire and talent of individuals and organizations in using the materials from the sophisticated, dynamic and vibrant culture of Vietnam.  Source: Vietnam Centre

Even though the Nguyen dynasty lasted only 143 years, the imprints it left in Vietnam’s cultural identity is undeniably profound and impactful. To the extent that, sometimes, when thinking of an ancient Vietnam, ample people immediately associate it with the Vietnam of that era. The culture of that time has always been an endless inspiration and abundant resource for artists and designers.

The exhibition "Present From The Past” will introduce to the audience the artworks and designs which are inspired by that time as well as the sophisticated and opulent vestiges of the Nguyen dynasty. With that in mind, the spectators can grasp an overview of what was once so magnificent and elegant and how its essence has seeped into the creativity of Vietnamese young artists nowadays.

Instead of a Vietnam usually represented through natural scenic landscapes or labor activities, the creators of these exhibits (most of them are in their 20s) choose to paint a magnificent, splendid, and opulent Vietnam with its thousands-of-year sophisticated culture.


The unique experience by Vietnam Centre will take you back to the imperial days 19th century Vietnam to explore traditional beauty via very modern means. Source: Vietnam Centre

The organisers hope to bring to the audience in Australia a new fantastic view about our culture during the Nguyen dynasty from young Vietnamese artists and designers. Their modern viewpoint, together with their mindset of digging deeper into the tradition, create a unique aesthetics in their works./.

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