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2/5/2018 8:26:04 AM

Plan International affirms support for Ha Giang

(VNF) - Attending the “Ha Giang Presentation” conference on February 1st in Hanoi, Sharon Maree Kane, Country Director of Plan International, said that the NGO will always accompany the province in development of social security in the coming time.

The “Ha Giang Presentation” conference themed "Ha Giang–Integration and Development" kicked off of a series of programmes to help promote the images, strengths and potentials of localities across Vietnam to international organisations, diplomatic missions, and foreign businesses.

Sharon Maree Kane, Country Director of Plan International. (Photo: Tuan Anh)

Q: The conference held by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a bid to introduce the potential of the ’beautiful and unspoiled’ province to the world. Could you share your thoughts about the organisation of the conference?

Sharon Maree Kane: I think the conference today introduced the most beautiful, unique images of Ha Giang province. In addition, through the sharing of provincial leaders, I feel their determination in the development of tourism and economic sustainability in the future. I think the conference was held very successfully.

Q: As one of the most active non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in Ha Giang, can you share Plan’s successful plans in the province? What development projects Plan will focus on next?

Sharon Maree Kane: Up to now, Plan has been operated in Ha Giang for nearly 10 years, has projects in 4 communes and has helped more than 13,000 households in 200 villages. Plan approachs to development from an inclusive perspective. We have projects for child protection, primary education, disaster risk reduction and health nutrition.

One of Plan's most successful projects in Ha Giang is to provide basic knowledge for indigenous peoples, to help them deal with issues such as children's education, health and nutrition. And the strong and tight connection between Plan and the province's sustainable development program represented our success in Ha Giang.

Plan's projects are designed to serve the long-term strategic goals of the Vietnamese government, such as poverty alleviation and socio-economic development. We always accompany and support the government of Vietnam as well as Ha Giang province. The focus of the Plan’s projects in Ha Giang is to develop early education programs for households, for kindergarten and elementary school children. So in the future we will continue to promote support in this fields.

In addition, we have health and nutrition projects that help ethnic minority households better understand nutritional care for their children. As you know, Ha Giang is listed in the difficult areas, has high malnutrition rate with the malnutrition in children under 5 years of age at the highest level.

In the future, Plan are likely to focus on the health and nutrition sector, develop programs to help indigenous peoples and, especially, stunted nutrition, lack of micronutrients, food safety and hygiene in Ha Giang.

Q: What the factors will help Ha Giang attract more investment and what direction human resource training programs should have to help the province achieve development goals?

Sharon Maree Kane: Ha Giang is a mountainous province away from economic centers such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. This makes it hard for businesses to access the potential of the province. Moreover, although the infrastructure has been developed somewhat, it is not enough to attract investors. Road conditions between Ha Giang and other provinces are quite favorable, but it is still quite difficult if you want to move to the remote communes and districts.

In my opinion, the biggest difficulty in attracting investors is the infrastructure. This is also a big challenge that leaders of Ha Giang province need to find a way to overcome to best facilitate the conditions for businesses and organisations.

Thank you so much!

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