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9/28/2018 9:47:39 PM

Overseas Singaporeans in Hanoi gather for Mid-Autumn Festival celebration

Ambassador of Singapore to Vietnam, Catherine Wong on September 28 hosted a Mid Autumn festival gathering at The Hanoi Club for the Overseas Singapore community in Hanoi.

Trong hình ảnh có thể có: 1 người, đang cười, đang đứng và trong nhà

Ambassador Catherine Wong (middle) talks to Singaporean expats in the event (source: Singaporean Embassy in Vietnam)

Apart from allowing fellow Singaporeans to catch up with one another and to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival together, the gathering also gave newly-arrived Singaporeans the opportunity to meet and establish contact with the Singaporean community here.

Colorful lanterns, Singaporean exotic cuisines were presented at the event, bringing the Singaporean expats a cosy feeling.

As one of the two most meaningful festivals in the Chinese calendar, together with Chinese New Year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated among all Chinese communities around the world. It is held each year on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar, when the moon appears at its fullest and brightest.

In Singapore, this festival is especially important as the local Chinese community forms 74% of the population./.

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