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3/14/2018 8:33:51 AM

Opened cooperation opportunities between VUFO and Vassar University (USA)

VNF - On March 13 in Hanoi, leaders of the Vietnam-US Society had a meeting with the delegation of VASSAR University who are visiting and traveling in Vietnam from March 12-23.

At the reception. (Photo: Tran Ngoc)

The delegation led by Prof.Dr. Bob Brigham, consists of 27 people, including some professors, lecturers and alumni of Vassar University.

At the reception, Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien, President of the Vietnam-US Society, introduced to the delegation the situation of Vietnam, the renovation process, international integration, foreign policy of Vietnam including US-Vietnam relations, and the consequences of the American war in Vietnam.

Vassar College, located in the town of Poughkeepsie, New York, USA, specializes in liberal arts education and social science. The school founded in 1861 by Matthew Vassar, was the first college for women in the United States. In 1969, it was open for both male and female. Now it has a balanced sex ratio.

Ambassador Nguyen Tam Chien, President of Vietnam - US Socitety (left) introduces to the delegation about the situation in Vietnam. (Photo: Tran Ngoc)

Vassar College is among the best liberal arts colleges in the United States, ranked 12th nationally in US News & World Report's annual 2017 rankings, with enrollment being described as "the most selective".

In July 1999, through the introduction of the Vietnamese Embassy in the US, Vassar University sent a delegation of 15 professors and scholars visiting Vietnam to learn about the history of the country, the people, the innovation process and our foreign policy.

During this time’s visit, the delegation will discuss about opportunities for cooperation with the Vietnam-US Society and the Vietnam Union of Friendship Associations./.

Tran Ngoc  
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