The AVSE held the gathering to connect Vietnamese intellectuals in the two countries and called on Vietnamese people living in Belgium and the Europe at large to together turn their hearts to the homeland and make contributions to the national building.

AVSE Global members, including many overseas Vietnamese intellectuals in France, met with Vietnamese specialists and businessmen living in Belgium in a gathering.

In his remarks at the meeting, AVSE President Nguyen Duc Khuong said the meeting aims to provide overseas Vietnamese people and organizations in Vietnam, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and other countries with information and chances to take part in seminars, projects and training programs the AVSE Global is carrying out.

Present at the event, Ambassador to Belgium and Luxembourg Vu Anh Quang highly valued contributions made by the Vietnamese communities overseas, especially intellectuals, to the national building. He expected the Vietnamese intellectuals and businessmen in Belgium will look into the possibility to set up an association like AVSE in France.

During the meeting, the AVSE gave the participants an overview of training courses, seminars, forums and projects it has been implementing. The participants then discussed opportunities to expand relations between the AVSE and organizations and individuals in Belgium and to take part in projects and programs in Vietnam.

Founded in 2011 in Paris, France, the AVSE brings together prestigious Vietnamese intellectuals, scientists and specialists who reside both at home and overseas. The group aims to contribute to the prosperous development of the country./.