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1/30/2018 11:01:11 AM

Northern region: Temperature continues to drop, students allowed to stay home

(VNF) – The temperature in Hanoi has dropped to below 10 degrees Celsius, today (Jan 30), many kindergartens and primary schools in the city have allowed students to take a day off.

Bắc bộ rét đậm, rét hại, Hà Nội thấp nhất 10 độ C - Ảnh 1.

Cold spells are forecasted in late January and early February in the north. (source: Kenh14)

In the morning of Tuesday, the temperature in a lot of cities and provinces have been dropped to below 10 degrees Celsius. In Hanoi, the temperature was around 8-10 degrees Celsius. According to the city’s Department of Education – Training, primary school students and kindergarten are allowed to stay home.

Starting at 7:30 am, many primary schools and kindergartens in the city began to send message informing students’ parents on the plan of letting their children stay home when the temperature is low.

Earlier, the Department of Education and Training has sent directive to affiliated agencies saying that district’s authorities of education and local schools have the right to let the students stay home, based on the weather forecast information by the national television. In details, kindergartens, primary schools students can stay home when temperature is under 10 degrees Celsius, while for secondary schools, students can stay home when the temperature is under 7 degrees Celsius./.

  ( Translated by Phi Yen )
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